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October 4

Dear Parents/Guardians,

On Monday we will be having a little math test.  Please don't worry about it, it is more of an opportunity for your child to complete an activity independently and within a given time frame!  They will need to complete repeating patterns, create growing patterns, create shrinking patterns, create a pattern using shapes and write the pattern rule for some simple number patterns.  All skills we have been working towards during class time!

During our writing block we have been learning about adding detail to our writing, retelling events in proper sequence, put spaces between our words, proper use of capitals and punctuation.  Reading groups have begun, please send readers back to school everyday, if I have a chance to pull a reading group I will!! The kids just never know when they might be asked to join me at the reading table!

During science we continue to explore the properties of liquids. solids and gases.  We have some fun experiments coming up so be sure to ask your child about their science activities!

Next week we start the Thanksgiving food drive.  If you are able to contribute to the food drive please do so, it is really appreciated.  

Upcoming Events
October 7-11 Food Drive
October 7 -Bus Safety presentations
October 8 -Hidden Turkey Assignment Due
October 8 -Library Day, Thanks Mrs. Canning
October 14 -Thanksgiving Holiday!! Gobble Gobble

September 27

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are slowly settling into routines of Grade 2.  I am noticing that students need lots of practice and review with counting forward and backward from a variety of starting points, up to 200.  Counting up starting from a number such as 26 has been challenging for some, and counting down from numbers such as 47 is proving difficult.  Being able to see the patterns in counting up and down will help your child with adding and subtracting.  Counting down and bridging the decade (going from 31, 30 to 29) is a difficult concept to grasp for children.  
If you would like some more information on this topic here are some webpages that might be of help:

Our library date will be Tuesday this year.  Please keep that in mind and send books back so that your child can get a new book out on Tuesday!  

Some important dates to keep in mind:

Sept. 30 Orange Shirt Day
Oct. 4    Picture Day
Oct. 14  Thanksgiving Weekend!!

September 23
Okay, just so you know I did update this on Friday before I left but didn't hit publish!!  Sooo let's try this again.
Happy first day of fall.  Friday was our first school Mass of the year.  Many of my Grade 2 friends are interested in the Sacrament of First Communion and in participating in this part of the Mass.
At our assembly on Friday we kicked off the Terry Fox run.  Our run will be on Thursday September 26th.  Our school goal is $1500, and if we meet it Mr. D. Marwick has agreed to do something wild and crazy!
Reading groups will be starting this week, look for readers to come home in the agenda bag.  Thanks for your support.  
Friday September 27th is a PA day!

September 15

Our first full week of school is behind us and if your house is anything like mine there are some very tired people in your home!! Lots of changes were announced on Friday, change is good, the classroom shuffles mean that your child is in a class with fewer students.  The transition on Monday may be difficult but will make for a wonderful school year!  If you have any questions or concerns make sure you contact the office.

Continue to read nightly at home and record it in the reading log stapled in the back of your child's agenda.  One signature each day!!  Once I have completed my reading assessments I will make reading groups and start sending books home!

Next week will be a busy week, please read the agenda for messages!!

Sept. 16 Reorganization if needed
Sept. 17 Book fair arrives!!
Sept. 18 First school Mass 9:30am in the gym
Sept. 19 Meet the creature, I mean teacher, night 5pm-6:30pm

September 6

 Thanks for a great week back! If you haven't had a chance to fill in the back to school paperwork yet please take a second to finish it this weekend and get it in! Also, just a gentle reminder that agendas cost $5!

 Next week we will continue to settle into routines and remembering the rules at Monsignor Lee. Books have not started coming home yet, it may be another 2 weeks before I can get reading groups organized. Please read books you already have at home or visit the library for some reading material. Reading logs have been stapled into the back of your child's agenda and you can be filling them out and celebrating reading!

Have a great weekend!! Thanks for your continued support!


September 3, 2019

Welcome Back!!

Image result for clip art back to school 

If you are a new family to Monsignor Lee, welcome!  We hope you love Monsignor Lee as much as we do. It is hard to say goodbye to the lazy days of summer but I am looking forward to being back into a routine!  

Over the next couple of days a big focus of our discussions will be about classroom and school rules and routines.  Our classroom behaviour expectations work on a progressive plan.  

1.If your child is struggling to follow instructions and classroom rules they will be reminded of the rules.

2.  If they continue with inappropriate behaviour then they will be moved to work in the classroom away from peers.

3.  If they continue to struggle then they will be moved to work in another classroom.

4.  If they continue to struggle with following adult instructions at this point then they will be sent to the office to discuss their behaviour with Mr. Strong and a phone call will be made to let you know how the day is going. 

5.  For severe behaviour the office will be contacted immediately and a phone call will be made to home by the end of the day.   

If you have any questions about behaviour expectations please let me know.  

All students are expected to use agendas.  Agendas promote communication between home and school.  I will check agendas as quickly as I can in the morning.  If you are sending in money please put it in the plastic pouch at the front of the agenda with a note detailing what money is for.  Please send in exact change as I am unable to make change. Purchases can be made through your School Days account, if you need more information on this online payment system please let me know.   Agendas are $5. Your child is now in Grade 2 and is expected to let me know if there is money or a note from home in the agenda. I will ask if anyone has anything for me but I will not be going through school bags looking for information from home, so please remind your child to let me know if they have money or notes for me!

Due to concern for allergies within the whole school we are a peanut free environment. 

Once  the library gets up and running we will be going there once a week.  I will let you know what day we will be going to the library when the schedule is finalized.  Your child will be allowed to take one book out each week provided they have returned books taken out on previous weeks.  If, over the summer, you found any school books hiding under beds please send them in and I will make sure they get returned to their rightful home!

If, during the year, you would like your child to hand invitations out please send the invitations in to me and I will distribute them to the children discreetly.  

I will send out information about food orders when I get it!!

The READ ON program will be starting immediately.  Studies continue to prove that reading daily is extremely important.  Please sign the reading log, located at the front of the agenda, once a day.  Weekends and holidays also count toward your child’s reading time.  

Reading is the number one homework.  Occasionally you may see some other assignments come home but daily reading is the number one homework assignment.  If your child is not using class time efficiently to complete classroom work then they will be asked to take it home to complete it.  Recess is not a reasonable time to complete homework as there is not necessarily someone available to supervise your child at that time.  

Please make sure your child has a pair of shoes that they can keep as indoor shoes.  This helps to keep mess to a minimum and protects the floors. If your child cannot tie laces please make sure they have velcro or slip on shoes.  

I would love each child to have a pair of earbuds that they can keep here at school to use with the iPads.  When five children are using iPads it can get noisy sooooo I am hoping that every child can bring a set of earbuds to leave here at school for tech time.

If you could donate some kleenex and some paper towels for our classroom that would be greatly appreciated!

Please be sure to check out the class webpage on our school website for updates!  I hope to update it on Friday afternoons! I will not be sending out any more paper based newsletters, I will assume that you are checking the classweb page! Don’t forget to sign up for our eblasts, as well.

Important Dates:

September 3 -1st day of school

September 19 -Open House! 5-6:30pm

September 26th -Terry Fox Run

September 27th -PA day