Mrs. Shepperd
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June 17, 2019
Our class trip will be on Friday June 21!  We are going to the Great Moose Adventure in Gravenhurst.  Payment and permission forms were due on Friday June 14, all of which is now done online through School-Days.  If you missed the deadline don't panic, I opened it up until Wednesday June 19!  Remember to send in the waiver as well as all participants need it signed. 

There will be NO more readers coming home, I will be collecting any outstanding books this week, and if you find some at home please send them in!  This is the last week for spelling words!
Red Group: Dolch Words: one, just, over, your, long
Blue Group: words ending in -ing: eating, riding, running, dancing, writing
Both Groups: want, know

June tends to be a busy time in our school please check below for some important activities:
Tuesday June 18th -Volunteer Tea
                                -READ ON Sundaes for those who read 200 nights!!
Friday June 21 -Mrs. Palaro and Mrs. Shepperd's Class trip!
Monday June 24 -Talent Show
Wednesday June 26 -Grade 8 Grad
Thursday June 27 - Last Day of School!!

June 3, 2019
Wow the last month of school is here.  What a fast year, I can't believe I am getting ready to send this group of children on to grade 3 and 4!  As fast as the year has gone I have seen lots of amazing progress academically and socially in many of our friends!  The month of June will be very busy.  Make sure you are getting the school eblasts, checking the webpage and looking in the agenda regularly so you don't miss anything.  
We will have spelling words for the next 3 weeks and then that will be it.  I encourage everyone to sign up for the reading programs at the Orillia Public Library so that students can continue to read regularly over the summer, if they don't read there can be a dramatic drop in reading levels.

Spelling words for this week:
Red group: Dolch Words: we, then, down, get, them
Blue group: /ar/blend: are, large, start, park, scar
Both groups: want, came

Upcoming events
Friday June 7th -PA Day No school
Wednesday June 12 -Terrific Kid Assembly 11:45
Friday June 14th -GRADE 3's ONLY to the Simcoe County Museum
Tuesday June 18th -READ ON Sundaes for those students who reached 200
Monday June 24th MLE's Got Talent -Talent Show!!!
Wednesday June 26 -Graduation Mass @ 9:30

May 3, 2019
Welcome to Catholic Education Week. Please join us this week to celebrate our Catholic school system.  Catholic Education Week starts with weekend at the 5pm Mass at Guardian Angels on Saturday May 4th.  Our school Mass on Wednesday May 8th will be held at Guardian Angels Church at 9:30am.  Wednesday is also when the book fair arrives! Our school BBQ will be on Thursday May 9th from 5-6:30pm, hope to see you there.
We did have to say good bye to Miss. Hicks this week, we wish her well in her teaching career! 

Spelling Words for May 6:
Red Group: S, T, ST: six, tent, stem, stop, star
Blue Group: ow/ou blend: our, how, house, found, out
Sight Words: come, about

April 23, 2019
Jesus is Risen!!  This time in our church is called Easter.  The Easter season lasts until Pentecost, June 9th.  I hope you all had a great long weekend.
Spring at Monsignor Lee always brings about the muddy season.  The yard is very mucky right now so I do suggest slush pants and rain boots, extra socks and pants in the backpack would also be a good idea.
Spelling Words for this week might carry over into next week, depending on how far we get with our centres this week.  

Red group: SH, CH, TH, WH review: shirt, chair, whip, that, when, went, this
Blue group: d blend: drink, drop, drip, drain, dread, went, this

Important Dates to Remember
May 2nd -Presentation to Primary Division -Milk board
May 3rd -PA Day
Saturday May 4 Monsignor Lee Spring Bazaar 10am-2pm
May 6-10 Catholic Education Week 

April 15, 2019
Good afternoon everyone.  I have decided to work on the spelling words from last week again this week.  The blue group needs some more work on the difference between the their, there and they're.  During our writing block we are learning about different types of poetry.  I would like the students to see the connection between rhyming words, and how understanding rhymes can help with spelling.  We have also been working on breaking words into the syllable parts, each syllable part needs to contain a vowel.
Miss. Hicks has introduced fractions today and we will be learning about fractions for the next 2 weeks.  Students need to know that all parts are equal, the bottom number of a fraction is the group total and the top number is a part of the whole.  Miss. Hicks is also continuing to work with the class on our social studies.  She is doing an amazing job!
This week is a very important week in our Catholic faith.  This week is Holy Week so we will spend a significant amount of class time talking about the Holy Tridium.  Today we talked about the events of Palm Sunday and we folded paper palms into crosses.  On Thursday we will gather as a school community in the gym to celebrate the Stations of the Cross. We encourage families to take time on the weekend to attend Mass.  
Our yard is very, very, very wet and muddy right now.  I prefer not to have children call home for clean clothes if they fall in the muck.  For this reason I ask that you send your child in splash pants, pack extra socks in the school bag and maybe an extra pair of pants in case they fall or the wet makes it through their slush pants.  
Thanks for your continued support, if you have any questions write a message in the agenda or call the school and leave a message.  
I hope you have a great Easter weekend, spending time with family and friends!  Make it about the lamb more then the rabbit!!

April 10, 2019
I forgot to update the web page!!  One of the students let me know!  If you need to know the spelling words for this week:
Red group: TH, WH: when, what, think, thorn, that, are, now
Blue group: T blend: their, there, they're, trip, truck, are, now

March 29, 2019
The friends have been learning about Canada's place in the world and seem to be really enjoying Miss. Hick's social studies lessons.  She did show them a fun song about all the countries that make up our world.  The students loved it and wanted me to post the link here so they could share it with you!

Please take a moment this weekend to check your child's backpack for an important message from the office.  We will be transitioning over to a program called School Days.  This program will deal with collecting money for food orders, trips etc.  Once you are signed up to this program we will no longer be accepting cash at the school for these things, all activities, food etc. will be paid online through this site.  The note your child is bringing home today has a special code that you need to set up your School Days account, each child has an individual code.

Spelling words for the week of April 1-5
Red Group: H, SH, CH (Review of these blends): ham, sheep, shed, church,
      cheek, what, like
Blue Group: Gr/Gl blend: green, angry, glove, grand, great, what, like

March 28, 2019
Once again Mrs. Dunn's class is organizing the Lenten Food Drive.  Please consider supporting this as your Lenten act of Charity! Below is the list of what we are collecting each day for the remainder of Lent!

Thursday, March 28 - soup
Friday, March 29 - canned vegetables
Monday, April 1 - granola bars and snacks
Tuesday, April 2 - TOONIE TUESDAY
Wednesday, April 3 - salad things (non perishable)
Thursday, April 4, 2019 - pasta or rice
Friday, April 5, 2019 - cereal or crackers
Monday, April 8, 2019 - Pet food
Tuesday, April 9, 2019 TOONIE TUESDAY
Wednesday, April 10, 2019 - Canned fish/meat
Thursday, April 11, 2019 - Baby food 
Toonie Tuesdays are to donate money for the St Vincent de Paul society because they help people in need with many things.

March 18, 2019
WELCOME BACK!!!  I always find that the time after March Break flies by and before we know it summer holidays will be here.  Our student teacher Miss. Hicks, who has been with us on Wednesdays up to the point, will now be coming everyday until the end of April.  It is so nice to have an extra set of hands.  
Miss. Hicks will be introducing the new math unit, fractions and adding and subtracting larger numbers for the grade 2's and multiplication facts for the grade 3's.  I am currently finishing up the 2-D shapes unit.  We will continue to develop our writing skills as we work on persuasive writing.  I am currently finish up the science unit and we will be moving onto a social studies unit, hopefully next week.  If you have any questions please let me know.  

Spelling Words for this week:
Red Group: S, H, SH blend: saw, hose, ship, shoe, shop
Blue Group: Pl blend: place, played, plant, plane, plate
Sight Words: little, down

Important Dates:
Thursday March 21: Crazy sock day
Friday March 22: 3rd week of Lent Liturgy 9:15am

February 26, 2019
Well yesterday was a surprise to me.  That was the second time in my career that the schools have been closed!  I was not expecting that!
We are starting to work on 2-D shapes and the characteristics of them.  I will hopefully post an anchor chart of the information about polygons!  During our writing block we have been reporting on science facts, just trying to get caught up a bit.  Soon we will be moving on to persuasive writing skills, sorry if your darling tries to convince you that dessert should come before dinner:)!  After March Break I will be starting mad minute math with both grades.  The Grade 2 friends will concentrate on knowing their addition and subtraction facts to 20 quickly as well as double facts, the Grade 3 friends will start to learn their multiplication facts.  Please begin to drill these at home, it takes repetition and review to memorize these facts. 

Spelling Words
Blue Group: Cl Blend -clean, clap, clock, climb, claw, we, when
Red Group: ill word family -pill, will, mill, chill, fill, we, when

Upcoming activities:
February 27 -Pink Day
March 1         -Play day in the am -dress to be outside
                        -Bake sale in the pm
March 4          -Comic Art Workshop
March 5          -Pancake Tuesday -Join us at Guardian Angels for our Annual
Pancake Supper
March 6        -Ash Wednesday -Mass @9:15 in the gym
parents/guardians/grandparents always welcome
March 11-15  -March Break

February 19, 2019
Good Morning everyone.  It is a short week this week, like our new norm!  We have a school Mass this week on Wednesday at 11:45, family is always welcome.  I am going to try to power through some of our science unit this week.  I was hoping to be further ahead in the unit by now so as I finish up procedural writing I am going to use the language block to complete some science writing and try to move ahead in that unit!
Spelling words for this week:
Blue Group bl blend: black, blade, blew, blue, block
Red Group ip word family: lip, rip, zip, dip, hip
Sight Words: some, out

February 8
Well here we are another snow day!!  I was hoping to wrap up a couple of items this week but apparently God has other plans for my plans!  We will stick with the same spelling words for next week as not all the friends have rotated through the centres yet.  We will continue to work on our final procedural writing piece next week and wrap that up.  Once that is finished we will move on to how to organize our writing to persuade you!!  Maybe it is a good idea to eat dessert before the main course?? 
We will celebrate Valentine's Day on Thursday.  My plan was to have all the students write down their friends names in the agenda so they could write Valentine cards this weekend.  If you want to complete cards this weekend there are 19 friends in the class and you can just fill out the from part if that makes life easier!  Be sure to wear your Valentine colours on Thursday!
We continue to work on our data management unit in math, collecting information, organizing it and learning about different graphs.  

February 4

Snow days have slowed us down a bit so I continue to work through many things written about in earlier posts.  Please note that we will have a spelling test on Monday and will also get new words.  

Red Group UN word family: bun, sun, run, fun, spun
Blue Group SH blend: crash, shook, short, push, shape
Sight Words: did, have

January 25, 2019
Dear Parents!
I have not forgotten about you!  The weather has been working against me this week and I did not get as much curriculum covered as I had planned.  Reading groups have begun and I have read with each group a couple of times but not this week!  Hopefully next week we will have more routine!  Spelling words will stay as last week.  I talked with the class and many of the friends felt that they were not prepared for a spelling test and we hadn't reviewed them in class like we normally do.  
During science class we have begun to talk about Structures and Mechanisms, the Grade 2 friends will be learning about Movement and the Grade 3's will be learning about Strong and Stable Structures.  
During math we are learning about collecting and organizing data!
Let's hope that we have more time together next week!  Thanks.

January 14, 2019
This week I will continue to read individually with the children so reading group books will not be coming home this week, but we will be ready to rock and roll next week.  Thank you for your patience.  

Spelling words will be sent home this week:
Red group: ug word family: rug, mug, tug, jug, bug
   Sight words: can, do
Blue group: wh blends: where, what, who, why, when
    Sight words: can, do

If you are looking for some activities to do with the spelling words I do have the words set up on a website called spell city!

In class we are wrapping up measuring time and temperature.  Please practice reading the clock with your child.  Grade 2 students need to know how to tell time to the quarter hour, the Grade 3 students need to know time to the minutes and elapsed time.  
time anchor chart

During the month of January the focus of our writing is to learn about procedural writing, giving people instructions!

Procedural writing

We are wrapping up our science unit started by Mr.Zych, Understanding Structures and Mechanisms.

science words

January 6, 2019

WELCOME BACK!!! Thank you to all the students and parents for making our Christmas Concert such an amazing success!!  Thank you for taking the time to come and watch and celebrate the season with us as a Catholic Community!  I would also like to take this opportunity to express my thank you for the amazing well wishes and Christmas cards and gifts that you shared with me, I am blessed to be working with your children, you are all fantastic people!
There won't be spelling words this week, we will get back into that next week, and if you are looking for readers well...... they won't be coming home quickly!  I am using the first 2 weeks of January to read individually with each student.  I will try to do this as quickly as possible but it usually takes me about 2 weeks and that means that I don't get to reading groups during that time!  Sorry for the inconvenience but I feel it is important to take some time for one on one instruction and reorganize groups as needed!


December 17, 2018
Welcome to the last week before Christmas Break!!  The kids will be extra wound up this week and the schedule will not be normal, please reassure your child, as the upset in routine can really affect some children!
It will be a busy week, here are the important things to keep in mind:
Monday: Crazy hat and sock day
Tuesday: Mass @ 9:30am in the gym, wear pink to celebrate the third week of
Wednesday: Christmas Concert @ 6pm in the gym, please bring a food bank
     donation, doors open at 5:45, drop your kids off in their classroom
     at that point so they can get organized for their performance
Thursday: PJ Day, cozy up!!
Friday: Crazy Christmas sweater/shirt day!

There are no spelling words this week! Classes resume on January 7th, have a great Christmas holiday, enjoy family and friends and LOTS of yummy treats!

God Bless

December 7, 2018
Happy Friday!!  We have been working hard in class learning about money!  By now your child should know how to organize coins to make a given amount of money.  Mr.Zych has taught the students many different strategies to count coins and make some simple change!
Through many hands on activities the Grade 2 students have been learning about matter and the Grade 3 friends have been exploring forces!
The library would like to restock the shelves before the Christmas break.  If you have any library books around the house please send them back to school before the Christmas break.  Thank you!!
We have been learning our lines for our Christmas Concert.  The date of the concert is December 19th at 6pm.  On the night of the Christmas Concert please bring in a food bank donation and be prepared for the Grade 8 bake sale!
Sadly next week is our last week with Mr. Zych.  He has worked hard over the last 5 weeks and presented some wonderful lessons to engage the students.  We will miss him and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours.

Spelling Words
Blue Group: Long U: use, cute, cube, huge, blue
Red Group: eg word family: peg, beg, leg, keg, egg
Sight Words: Christmas, her

Important Dates:
December 14: Advent Liturgy in the gym
December 14: Last Day with Mr.Zych
December 18: School Mass 9:30 in the gym
December 19: Christmas Concert 6pm
December 21: Final Advent Celebration 
December 24-January 4th Christmas Break 

November 30, 2018
We have been very busy in Grade 2/3.  Mr.Zych has been teaching us all about money and force (Gr.3), matter and material (Gr.2). These topics will continue into next week.
We have been creating our own comics during the language block.  Next week the comic students create will be marked for storyline, spelling, use of dialogue and character expression! It has been fun working with the students on comics!






Spelling Words
Red Group: et word family: net, jet, pet, wet, set
Blue Group: Long O: phone, those, joke, more, know
Sight Words: Advent, all

Important Dates:

Wednesday December 12  School Mass
Wednesday December 19  Christmas Concert
December 24 - January 7 Christmas Break

November 23, 2018
WOW the last week of November is closing in on us!  The winter weather has arrived and it is cold in our yard.  Please remind your child to dress in layers, bring extra hats and mitts and remind them that Mrs.Shepperd will insist that you wear your snowpants!  

Head lice season is here so please remind your child that it is a bad idea to share hats and it is not recommended that the students play with each others hair.

In class we have been working on new math and science concepts.  Our student teacher Mr. Zych has been coming up with great lesson ideas to keep us entertained and educated! Below are some of the anchor charts he has made to help us remember information as we work.



On Tuesday November 27th we will have a company coming in to work with our students to make a Christmas craft.  If you haven't sent in $6 please do so to cover the cost of the materials! Thank you.
We have started to talk about the Christmas concert and what our amazing presentation will be!  The date for the concert is December 19th so keep your calendar clear for that special event!

Spelling Words for next week:
Red Group: og word family: frog, jog, dog, log, fog
Blue Group: long i: write, right, ride, line, might
Sight Words: with, look

November 20th, 2018
It was great to touch base with sooooo many parents last week.  If you were unable to come in for Parent/Teacher Conferences and would like to meet please put a note in your child's agenda and we will get something organized!
This week we welcome Mr. Zych, a student teacher from Lakehead University.  He is with us for 5 weeks and will be practice teaching with us.  It's a great opportunity to have an extra set of hands in the classroom!
Mr.Zych will be teaching your child about money.  Tied to money is skip counting, something I've noticed needs to be practiced with many students and will help count money faster!  I suggest handing your child a bunch of coins and ask them to count it up, sort it etc.  the more exposure the better.  We talk about and count with pennies here at school because, although we don't physically have pennies anymore we continue to see them in our transactions.
Please send in $6 for a Christmas craft!  If you have already, thank you.  We can't tell you anymore than that for now, you must wait until December 25th to see what we are making!

Spelling words this week:
Blue Group: Long e: because, before, seat, queen, feet
Red Group: ot family: pot, cot, dot, shot, rot
Sight words: for, him

November 12, 2018
Parent/Teacher interviews are Thursday and Friday of this week.  Your child brought home a bright neon yellow form with instructions to sign up on line for your interview time, please let me know if that form didn't make it home and I can send you a new one!  As a result of parent/teacher meetings Friday is a P.A. Day.  

Spelling Words this week:
Blue Group: long a: favourite, name, rain, made, away
Red Group: op family: top, mop, pop, chop, hop
Sight words: but, had

November 6
I have put some anchor charts from class on the website.  Please forgive me for the images being sideways, the rotate function doesn't like me!! I take the picture the correct way, insert it correctly, try to rotate it and it stays sideways!

Our spelling words this week continue to be last weeks words, we did not get much chance to work with them last week.

On Friday we will have a Remembrance Day service in the gym at 9:30am.  Parents are always welcome to attend.  We are asking students to wear red and black and to bring in a donation for their poppy.

We are busy wrapping up our Social Studies units on Traditions and Celebrations (Grade 2) and Pioneers (Grade 3).  We will move onto Science next Understanding Matter and Energy.  We are also moving on to time and temperature next in our Math unit!

friends of 10


Little PoppiesO

October 25th
Tomorrow will be a PA day!! Next week will be an exciting sugary mess!  Costumes will be worn on Tuesday and we will wear orange and black on Wednesday!  This allows for any costume parts left at school on Tuesday to get home before the big night!  We also have a school Mass on Wednesday at 9:30am in the gym. 
We had a fantastic time at the OPP Headquarters on Tuesday.  The children saw the heliport, went in a helicopter, brought home a stuffed dog and were allowed to pet Stella the police dog!  Stella finds people lost in the woods! Hopefully you saw us on the news and in the local paper:

Spelling words:
Red Group: AG family: wag, rag, bag, tag, flag
Blue Group: Short U: bug, funny, just, autumn, number
Sight Words: his, they

October 19th
Everyone look handsome and beautiful for pictures this week, I can't wait to get the proofs in! We have our trip next week and it sounds like it will be fun!  The weather has taken a turn and it's getting colder, the playground seems to be always colder then at home, the open field invites the winds so please make sure that your child has a hat and mittens!!
We have been working on creating our own story during our language block and they will put up on our classroom WOW Work board to share during Parent-Teacher Conferences!  The big focus continues to be spelling common sight words correctly (the, and, is, what, when, was, saw), capitals at the beginning of sentences and punctuation at the end.  During our math block we have been decomposing numbers into their 10's and ones values (68=6tens+8ones).  I encourage parents to take time to practice counting from 0 to 20 properly, forming numbers correctly and to practice spelling number words from zero to twenty (Grade 2) and zero to the hundreds (zero to nine hundred ninety nine, for Grade 3).
Social Studies continues to move along and you may get questions from your child about traditions and celebrations that your family keep, how they have changed over the years and how our community participates in different celebrations and traditions.  The Grade 3's are working on learning about the life of pioneers and how a pioneer settlement was organized.
Religion discussions have been focused on the Story of Creation and the Ten Commandments. 

Spelling Words for next week
BLUE GROUP: Short O: not, off, clock, long, lost
RED GROUP:  AP family: nap, lap, cap, tap, map
SIGHT WORDS: that, she

October 23 Trip to OPP Headquarters
October 26 PA Day

October 12

Today in class we completed a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) challenge.  The children started this challenge last Friday and wrapped up today.  They had to use the supplies given to them by Mrs. Shepperd to build a turkey transporter which would send their turkey down a zip line safely and quickly.  The planning and effort put in was amazing, as was the language being used.  We did learn that weight is important when trying to make something zip line quickly!
Next week, on Tuesday October 16, it is picture day!  I can't wait to see everyone dressed up in their best!
Terry Fox fundraising was amazing, the contributions from this community surpass my expectations every year.  I don't have the total amount raised yet but I do know that we raised over $1500 and that Mrs. Hamilton will have a new hair colour soon!
We will be going to the OPP Headquarters on October 23 for a canine presentation.  I must submit everyones name for screening, kids and adults, before we go.  If you have not sent back the permission form yet please send it back quickly as I need to get the names in.

Sub order forms came home today, just a small slip of paper! They are due back by Tuesday with $4 if you would like to order for lunch on Wednesday.

Upcoming Dates:
October 16th -Picture Day
October 23rd -OPP Headquarters Trip
October 26th -PA day
November 12-15 Safety Village

Spelling Words for next week:

Red Group:
an words: fan, van, pan, can, tan

Blue Group:
short i words: children, will, into, little, quit

Sight Words: said, you


October 5
I hope you all have a fantastic long weekend!  We have a little patterning test on Tuesday so I thought I would post some math anchor charts that we have been using in class.  One is sideways and try as I might it would not cooperate, so sideways it will be!
Our next math unit is all about number relationships, so looking at numbers to 100 or 1000, counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, 25s, 50, fact families and place value.
On Tuesday we will be writing about what we are thankful for so hopefully the students can reflect a bit on that over the weekend!

Spelling Words for next week:

Blue Group:
SHORT E: best, tell, went, then, them

Red Group:
AD Family: sad, dad, mad, pad, rad

Sight Words: of, and

describepattern rulesPattern FamiliesOctober 1, 2018

I can't believe that we are into October already!  Amazing! We are starting our spelling program this week so your child will come home with spelling words in the agenda.  I have set up an activity page on Spelling City if they want to practice their spelling words at home:

Terry Fox was a huge success on Thursday, thank you for your support.  I feel that we will make our goal of $1500 so Mrs. Hamilton better start thinking about what colour she would like her hair to be!

Just a quick reminder that we do have a shellfish allergy in our classroom so if you could be mindful of that when making lunches we would appreciate your cooperation!

Also, Monday October 8th is Thanksgiving weekend!  Have a great long weekend.

September 24, 2018
It is officially fall and Mother Nature has let us know.  Your child might want to start dressing in layers as they will be cool in the morning but they may be warm by the afternoon!!  A change of clothes in case they fall in a puddle may also be a wise choice!
I am hoping to have the READ ON program up and running by next week, I am currently reading individually with each student, so it takes me some time to get through the whole class.  Once reading groups get organized I can start to send books home.  If you haven't started yet please begin to fill out the READ ON reading log at the front of the agenda, read and sign it once daily as we have incentives for reaching 25, 50, 100, 150 and 200 signatures.  
Spelling words will also start coming home next week.  Students will be put into spelling groups based on their skill development.  It looks like some friends will be working on beginning and end sounds and word family groups while another group will be working on long and short vowel sounds.  I am going to start with 7 words a week, 5 based on the skill we are working on and 2 sight words.
Important consent and health forms went home on Friday, please get them back to us as soon as possible.  
Food orders haven't started yet but I will let you know when they do.
Our Terry Fox run will happen this Thursday September 27th.  We are looking to raise $1500, if you have not received a pledge form yet it is because we ran out and I am waiting for the Terry Fox Organization to send us some more.  If you would like to donate online go to and click on the donate to school tab. 

Important Dates:
Thursday September 27th -Terry Fox Run/walk @ 2pm
Friday September 28th -PA Day
Monday October 8th Thanksgiving


Welcome Back!!
We are officially a grade 2/3 class!  I have started to read individually with the students so I am hoping that readers will be coming home next week, fingers crossed!  We have started with a recount writing unit and will be working on patterns during our math time.  
Next week, on Thursday September 27th we will be leading the Terry Fox Liturgy at 2pm in the school gym, before heading out to the track to participate in our annual run/walk for Terry.  Our fundraising goal for this year is $1500.  
If you haven't sent in money for the agenda they are $5 and we would love to get all the money collected by Friday.
Thursday September 20th is our Monsignor Lee Open House, BBQ and Book Fair.  Classrooms will be open from 6-6:30pm
Important Dates:
September 19 School Mass 9:30am
September 20th Monsignor Lee Family BBQ
September 27th Terry Fox Run
September 28th PA Day