October 2019

October 2019
Monday October 7, 2019
Attendance: Kristen Michels, Josh Barath, Angie Green-Hill, Nicole Goodman, Erin Damery,
Stephanie Healy, Trisha Xing, Lindsay Walker, Holly Mei,, Anita Marques,, Kelly Mollon,
Kevin Strong, Lynette Clifford

Parent Council Agenda:
1. Welcome and Opening Prayer (Mrs. Clifford)
a. Introduce Trisha Xing as our new treasurer and the grade 7 and 8 representatives.

**Still in the process of selecting grade 7 & 8 representatives
2. Approve minutes from previous meeting. Approve agenda. (Angie to motion)
**Send out minutes to parents prior to next meeting
3. Financial Budget Update (Mr. Strong and Trisha Xing)
**Kevin: Ending balance of $41 831.54 - discrepancy of $17 000 - capital parent council line on
budget - amount is being investigated as to where it was taken from and who it belongs to (parent
money/pizza/sub money??) - being investigated at Board Office level. Total we have at the
moment: $24 288.62.
**Trisha: do we need all the itemized funds or can we have them on one budget line?
**Kevin: would like parent council to spend money so that we can eliminate budget lines
**Trisha: confirming bottom line of $24 288.62. Trisha would like us to discuss how to
divide/allocate these funds vs our ideas vs immediate school needs. Trisha proposed 60% to be
saved vs 40% to be spent.
**Angie: can we make such a plan? Kevin believes we can.
**Fundraisers: Fresh from the Farm, Christmas Bazaar, ??
**Erin likes the idea but wants it to be communicated to parents.
**Kelly: can we be flexible from year to year on the % based on needs for the various school
**Angie: vote on split with knowing the clause of changing % if need be
4. Fundraising Update
a. Farm Fresh (Nicole Goodman)
**9 apple orders; 8 veggie orders
**volunteers (4-5) to help bag apples and veggies. There is no set date for delivery at the

b. Christmas Bazaar (Angie Green-Hill)
**21 vendors. Lynette to adjust the sign outside. Angie tries to keep it unique. Facepainter has
moved out of province - if we can volunteer that would be great. Lindsay to ask at PF in regards
to volunteer hours and any students who would be interested.
**Santa (hopefully) will be here for pictures.
**Lucy and her apple cider will be available again.
**Tops will not be doing pizza this year due to medical issues. Domino’s will be contacted.
**10 volunteers needed
**No silent auction
**$25 a table/slice of pizza/free wifi
**Mom’s sale contact Erin will be passing along our information for our Christmas vendor
**Parent Council parents to bake for bake table. Baking must be peanut free and packaged in
small patches.
**Raffle items - hoping for 3 items
**November 16th is Christmas Bazaar
5. Sub-Committee Updates (Angie Green-Hill)
a. Create sub-committees (ie Playground Initiative Group, Fundraising Group, etc.)
Fill out form as to what committee you would like to be on. Elect one
spokes-person per committee.

**Sub-Committee meeting re: sign up for Christmas bazaar
**Playground, Spring Bbq/Stem Night, School Needs, School Enhancements, Spring Fundraiser
6. Long-Term Planning (Group Discussion)
a. School needs (Technology, Uniforms, Readers etc.)
**Kevin believes technology is needed in the school. Needs to be a continuous technology piece
as Chromebooks have a life of 4-5 years. Projectors were purchased in 2012 and will need to be
**Nicole - does parent council cut a cheque for us or... IT to come up on Oct. 21st and do an
**Josh- in the past, parent council gave the school x number of dollars to purchase technology
and Kevin can make the decision based on what needs are.
**Josh - asked about textbooks for older grades. Curriculum Consultants to be up next week to
discuss: textbooks,, newest pm benchmark books, EQAO results.
**Kevin stated any textbook must be from Trillium list which covers 80% of our curriculum.
We look at many things (manipulatives, hands-on) to reach standards and curriculum.

b. ii. Spring Fundraiser? Ideas?
**Anita: Cascade was the provider. Anita hasn’t been able to find much information.
**Stephanie stated a Mom from work sold it last year so she would look into it further
**Kristin - a giant garage sale?
**Nicole - a book swap?
c. Spring BBQ / STEM Night?
**Table for next meeting as no Tanya
d. School Enhancements
● Year-Book
**Table for next meeting no Amee

● Bathroom Inspirational Quotes (from Nicole)

**Vinyl stickers and coated so they can’t come off.
**2 signs in 2 different bathrooms for around $500-$600
**Stephanie stated she has a Cirquit at home and would make them for free.
**Josh wants to see the quotes in boys bathroom as they need the uplift as much as the girls.
Just change the colours.
**Lindsay: Lily and Hannah (Co-op students from PF) are part of Vitality program from last
year or connect with Vitality program this year.
**Kevin: this would be a school initiated project to make sure right paint and paper and Kevin
does believe we could do this. Question: do schools buy the supplies so no conflict of interest?
Person completing project would have to be WSIB in case of injury. Other spots is down the
stairs (stairwell) and library.
**Lindsay has asked vitality class. They are interested.
**Josh said at the college level they assigned spots so that other students knew their turn would
be coming.
**Would be looking for students in grade 5 - 6. Lynette suggested even reaching out to grade
**RAZ has been ordered and Kevin hoping parent council will support and pay for. USD funds
**Parent Council guidelines have been sent to Angie
**School initiated projects from the past are recorded as none at the board office level. Any
projects around SIP would be in Kevin’s e-base - e-base has nothing recorded.
**School site plan has not been seen by Kevin. Kevin has only seen snow removal plan.

**Playground equipment: a principal at Board Office dealing with Childhood years is going to
come up and do a walk through with ideas for designs in hand - he will be up in the next few
weeks. However, board does realize that they need new standards and have started the process.
**K-yard safety and sandboxes were raised by Kevin. New principal understood and said we
could look at.
**New playgrounds are only accessible only 3 months of the years. 3 months may be generous
as every year you have to be inspected and inspection can be done in the summer time.
Therefore natural playgrounds being looked at.
**School messenger was used to highlight Farm Fresh. Orders placed thus far are
**Christmas Bazaar - permit has been received; student helpers from grade 7 & 8 being looked
**Primary meeting and discussion around math work books. $500 + for one for every student in
primary grades. Teachers asked not to order and spend parent council money. However,
teachers are working together to put a package together for next year that can be coiled and ready
for September.
**Dress Code: (Always mindful of families and their budgets) No spaghetti straps and 2 finger
rule; shorts - to be tabled and discussed at a spring meeting. Letter home? Kevin suggested to do
some research with friends/relatives and what the dress code is at their schools.
**Lorelei Jenkins (through Kevin) asked if Parent Council would consider purchasing alter bells
for our school masses. $106 Canadian. PASSED

NEXT MEETING: NOVEMBER 4, 2019 5:30 pm