September 2019

September 16, 2019

Attendance:  Josh Barath, Angie Green-Hill, Amanda Novosky, Amy Legacy, Nicole Goodman, Tanya Handy, Erin Damery, Tracey Huggins, Stephanie Healy, Trisha Xing, Lindsay Walker, Jason Coldwell, Holly Mie, Christine Pezuk, Anita Marques, Ashley Chahley, Somon Guerrera, Kelly Mollon, Kevin Strong, Lynette Clifford


*Kevin introduced himself and gave some background highlights of his teaching career

*Went around table and introduce ourselves and link into the school

Role of Council 

*Mission Statement - think of ideas of what we would like the statement to look; cohesive and all working together with the same goals; 5 bullets; a prayer; this does not need to be done quickly but rather part of the journey this year  (vision statement)

*A Guide for Parent Councils - Ministry guide to be shared by Kevin

*Trisha Xing will take the lead to work with a group to help bring together the mission statement

*Council stay status quo for this year.  President: Angie Green-Hill; Treasurer: Amanda Novosky; 

*Kevin likes the idea of parent engagement rather than parent council so as to engage as many parents as possible

Financial Update

*Ending balance:  $41 831.54 (playground, Christmas bazaar, Fresh Farm, general, poinsetta, spring bazaar)

*Kevin feels that any money made in a year should be spent in a year.  Ministry looking at why money is not being spent in a school year. Ministry/Parents will want to know what we are fundraising for.  Erin made the comment in order to clarify *We raise, we spend it. Rainy days saving is no longer. 

*K/Primary/Junior divisions have developed some needs from the school but they need to be considered after the parent council desires are considered as whatever is ordered, Kevin will be ordering and into the classrooms within a month.  Kevin will also tell parents and parent council what money has been spent on. 

*Josh:  in the past chrome books, uniforms, playground have all been purchased by Parent Council

*Kevin has reached out to the board and plant services and ask what School Initiated major projects have been submitted since 2012.  Awaiting a response.

Farm Fresh Fundraiser

*Parent communication/time frames/advertising has to be considered this year as it was our downfalls last year.

*Grade 8’s will help pack up the bags this year

*40% comes back to the school; straight from the farmers fields

*Kevin will use School Messenger to get information to parents (voice/text/email)

Bathroom Motivational Decor - next meeting

Christmas Bazaar - next meeting.  Kevin will put in a permit. Insurance will purchased $150/year.  No silent auction. $25 per table/$40 for 2. Donate to big basket; basket is raffled off.  

Math Night Grant - very successfully night

Grade 8 participation - always ask for money for boat cruise.  Parents will pay but will ask for volunteers in order to help pay.

Student Representatives 7 /8 - applications??/grade 7 student for two years/nominations/ to be discussed/based on classroom teacher recommendations

Alternative for Year Book - next meeting

Books for Birthdays - a book dedicated to your child for $20; plate on the inside; presented in gym; stays in library; very disorganized when it was done; Mrs. Clifford to talk with staff re: feelers at October staff meeting

Toilet Paper fundraiser - next meeting (Anita)

School Initiated Projects

*Play equipment - footprints need to be changed which means taking an approved footprint and needing architect involved, fire plans changed, etc.  Kevin looked at Lions Oval playground and saw open gate, kids playing, warm and welcoming which means how do we do that. Re: portable - Kevin does not have footprint for school so had no say in where portable goes as board owns it.  Kevin talked about tree that had to be moved re: memory tree. Parent council had that planted and were happy it was moved.

*Amy Legacy stated looking for a list of what can be done as they asked for this last year and it was never provided.  Council asked for this list as many doors had been closed on to things they wanted to do.

*Kevin discussed sand and the fact biggest kitty litter pit, people self medicating with needles and leave them in the sand.  Discussion around raking pits to ensure nothing in there is becoming the new norm.

*Point brought up around kindergarten yard and pits and can they be filled or other alternative.  

*Kevin has been in touch about faded signs as people could argue they can’t be seen so then can’t be charged.  

*Two things parent council would like to know:  where can be build a play space/ground? Are we interested in plastic playground or natural space?  Then parents can look at what they want vs cost. Must also consider getting playground approved/winter use/getting playground fixed.  Lions Oval has logs and big inner tubes/tires can we have them?

*Jason going to take pictures of Lions Oval

*Kevin says it is better to engage the Board Office in planning so that it is part of School Plan and it is always on the school footprint so that if changes do happen (think tree) what has been done will not be altered or disposed of because no one has any background info

*Talking about Chromebooks, updating them, replacing them.  Board office will not fix anything over a year old. Cracked screen means Kevin can take it to a computer store to get fixed and parents responsible for the bill

*Anita mentioned her students former school did a refurbishing sale of computers.  Kevin mentioned that privacy issues would mean they would have to be wiped clean.

*Amy asked Board approved vendor to purchase Chromebooks?  Yes. Kevin would order them and parent council will pay him back so we get the hst back.  Amy wanted to know if a list of approved vendors - only one vendor and therefore IT will fix it.

*Stephanie wanted to know what happens if a family can’t afford to pay for a broken Chromebook.  Kevin stated that he can’t force them. Lynette made comment about doing community service hours for the school which council liked the alternative for those who could not afford the repair bill.

*Erin asked about having a fund for repairs so no family have a bill.  Discussion around repairs and teacher training to keep them in good repair

*Anita wanted to know about cases.  Depending on make, depends on case.

*Josh asked about parent council vs school funds and if parent council purchases does that mean Ministry alters funding for school.  $150 per student per year from the Ministry out of $11 000 per student after expenses. Kevin talked about budgets and budget lines and given this government and they wanting to save money...  Ministry had a Rural North budget where if you spent, you might have gone back but we are too late. IF we can use the Rural North funding this year - shall be interesting to see if available given this government (couldn’t get answers).  

Erin:  Money to be spent (based on experts teachers):


-Adding enrichment (dance/other language/arts)

-PM Readers

*wanting to make decisions on how to spend money so that effect can be seen quickly instead of taking forever 

*Kevin said he has spoken with primary division re: books and inventory.  Wanted by Christmas and we can go from there

*Stephanie talked about Raz reading program (all computer based).  $136/year subscription for school

*Josh can we have an immediate list vs not right away list so that parents can see what is happening?  Want to show parents that all grades are being supported by the fundraising. Kevin meeting with intermediates next week and yes, we can start looking at that list but want to make sure we are spending fairly.  

*Amanda worried that amounts aren’t correct as they don’t feel correct - seem to be more money than what we should have.  Kevin will review the budget lines. Amanda and Kevin agree too many budget lines which is causing confusion.     

Kindergarten Area Review - next meeting as Kevin needs to site plan; 

November 11th - Commissioning Mass for School Council at the board office

Dates for Next Meeting

October - October 7th

November - November 4th

February - February 3

March - March 2

April - April 6

May  - May 4