Mrs. Shepperd's Grade 2/3 Class

Reconciliation and First Holy Communion This is a reminder that registration for Reconciliation and First Communion will take place at Guardian Angel's parish hall on Sunday January 29th from 1-2pm and Monday January 30th from 7-8pm. You will ned to bring a COPY of you child's baptismal certificate and $30 to register.
Dear Parents,

Welcome to the super busy month of December!!  This month just flies by.  The weather has been unpredictable so I recommend sending layers even if you don’t think they will be needed.  The schoolyard seems to be a vortex where wind and cold settle!!  Hats, mittens, snow pants and warm boots maybe necessary here even if you don’t need them at home.  

We have been working on writing letters and will be writing letters to a grade ⅔ class in Oshawa.  The students will not be allowed to share any personal information like last names, phone numbers or emails with these friends.  They will get to learn about other families and a different area of Ontario which works nicely into our Social Studies curriculum.  During Math class we have been working on 2-D shapes, angles and polygons.  We will then talk about 3-D solids and see the connection between 2-D and 3-D solids.  We have finished up our Science unit on animals for the Grade 2’s and plants for the Grade 3’s.  After Christmas we will dive into Social Studies!!

We are eagerly working on our Christmas Concert production!  It should be amazing. Preparing for the Christmas Concert is where your child’s mark in drama comes from!!  

Please take time to check out the school website ( ) and sign up for our e-newsletter which will keep you informed about all the activities here at Monsignor Lee.  Just go to our school webpage and click on e-newsletter, there you will find a subscribe button.  On the website you will also find a handy link to report your child absent if needed.  Milk and other food order forms are also posted on our website under the parent and student tab at the top of the page.  Lots of great information is posted there so you never have to miss out on important information!!


Important Dates:

PF Band Playing at MLE       December 6th 9:30-10:30am

Christmas Concert                 December 15th 5:30- 7pm with a snow date of December 20th

School Mass           December 16th 9:30 am

Last Day of Classes before Christmas Break December 22

Return to School after Christmas Break January 9


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Spelling Words for the week of October 3 Red Group Blue Group Green Group Short a Blends bl, cl, fl, gl, words with ng, nk am black ring ask blue string has clock strong act clown thing hand flat wink was flag drink glad think glass thank long strong Bonus word for everyone: Thanksgiving October, 2016


Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving weekend and get a chance to enjoy family and friends at some point!  

Our year has been off to a great start and seems to be hopping with activity.  Academically we are moving along.  I find that we have been spending a lot of time on self-regulation topics such as how to wait for your turn, how to speak to others politely, greeting others and joining into games appropriately.  All very important and valuable lessons.

During our math time we have been working on identifying number names, skip counting, looking for patterns in the 100 chart and some basic addition and subtraction facts.  If you would like to help your child with math skills at home I would recommend skip counting and spelling number words.  In grade 2 students are expected to read and print in words whole numbers to 20; count forward by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, 10’s and 25’s to 200; count backwards by 1’s from 50 and add and subtract numbers to 18.  In grade 3 students are expected to read and print in words whole numbers to 100; count forward by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, 10’s and 100’s to 1000; count backwards by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s from 100 and add and subtract 2 and 3 digit numbers.  

During our language block we have been working on developing grammatically correct sentences.  Have your child write about things you are doing at home; focusing on developing sentences that “sound” right, have spaces between the words and use punctuation.  You might hear your child talk about power writing, it is just a way to help them write in an organized fashion.  P1 means topic sentence, P2 is supporting your topic, P3 gives your supporting idea more details and a P1 is your wrap up sentence to let the reader know you are done.  

During religion class we are working on making the sign of the cross before prayers and at the end of prayers.  We have reviewed the Guardian Angel prayer and the Our Father.  We will so begin talking about the parts of the Mass.  If your child is in grade 2 then this is a sacrament year.  If your child is baptized they will be able to receive First Reconciliation and First Communion this year.  Preparation for sacraments is completed through the Church.  Information will be in the Church bulletin so look there for further information or call the parish office for information.  

We have started going to the library.  Our library day is always Wednesday.  If your child would like to take out a book they need to return their book!  If they have a book already signed out I won’t let them take out another book

Food orders have gone home and are due back to school on October 11 if not sooner!  The sooner the  better!  Please give separate money amounts for milk and pitas as the money goes into different envelopes, also I can’t be depended on to make change, I just throw the money in an envelope to send to the office to be counted and organized.  Trying to find correct change and sorting out change takes up too much teaching time.  

The Kiwanis Safety Village will be here during the week of October 17th.  The children always enjoy the various presentations put on by different community members during that week.  The OPP visit and Orillia Hydro.  

October 10th is a holiday for Thanksgiving and October 26th is a PA day so there will be NO school on those days.