Mrs. McCurdy - Grade 6/7

Thursday, June 22, 2017
This is our week to finish things off!!!

Great thinking today!


Reading Response Letter - 
4 Paragraph Letter Due: Thursday, June 22th 
Writing Format 

Paragraph 1 - Discuss Books you've read
Tell me about the book you read this year that was your favourite (Title, Author, Genre, Quick Summary and why you liked it so much?
Tell me about the book you read this year that you didn't enjoy (same as above, only why you didn't like it)
Paragraph 2 - Discuss Reading Strategies
Identify the reading strategy you use the most and why. Then tell me the strategy you use the least and why. Finally, tell me which strategy is most challenging for you (and why).
Paragraph 3
 - Evaluate your letter writing.
What has improved or is good about it? How has it helped you? What don't you like?
What would you change for next year?
Paragraph 4 - Write a conclusion (restate important information, add last thoughts or ideas, sign off)

Writing your Robert Munsch style story
Storybook Due: Friday, June 23rd

Media Literacy/Health

Heating by Convection - Thermals Diagram (Figure 1)  & Pg. 93 # 1 & 2 

Geography/Social Studies:
Gr. 7 -  Island Assignment Due: Friday, June 16th
(they will be accepted next week-get this done)

Tomorrow - last day for Faith presentations

Music of my Life Due: Monday, June 26th
Be prepared to highlight one or two of your choices 

Phys. Ed is Monday, Wednesday and Friday (have a t-shirt and shorts to wear)
We will be outside for some Phys. Ed. classes - be prepared

Upcoming Dates:
Monday, June 26 - Play Day
Tuesday, June 27 - Talent Show
Wednesday, June 28 - Grad Mass 
Thursday, June 29 - Walk to Couchiching Beach Park 

**Can't wait to share a fantastic final 2 weeks together - What are your hopes and wishes for this time?**