Mrs. McCurdy - Grade 6/7

Monday, April 24, 2017

Prob. Of Week - Tissue Issue Due: Friday
Gr. 7 Pg. 360 # 12, 13, 15 , 17 , 19
Gr. 6 Pg. 396 # 4 - 6


a) Novel Study - The Watson's Go to Birmingham
*** Changed Date: Essay Due: Mon. or Tues. Apr. 24th or 25th***

b) Make sure you have a book TO READ IN CLASS & you READ at home!!! 
New Reading Response Assignment -
Literature Circles - make sure you know your responsibilities _

TAKING A BREAK FROM ***Reading Response Letter Writing- BREAK***

5 Paragraph Letter Writing Format - Remember our Look-fors

Paragraph 1 - introduce the book and summarize what you have read over the past month Characters, setting, problems, solutions)
Paragraph 2 - Discuss 2 reading strategies you have used (Connecting, Predicting, Questioning, Inferencing, Synthesizing,Activating Background Knowledge, Visualizing, Monitoring your comprehension). Use examples from the text to support the discussion of your reading strategy and explain how it helps you better understand the story.
Paragraph 3 - Discuss a Character (a physical description combined with character traits using text to support your ideas) 
Paragraph 4
 - Evaluate what you have read so far.
Paragraph 5 - Write a conclusion (restate important information, add last thoughts or ideas, sign off)

Media Literacy/Health

Science: (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
Gr. 7 - Gather information for your Inquiry Project on Pure Substances and Mixtures
Due: Thursday, April 27th
Gr. 6 - Science Test Tuesday April 25th
Geography/Social Studies:

Gr. 7 Read & Make notes pgs. 89 -91
 Gr. 6  Notes on Contributions of Immigrants from 1800 - 1900 and from 1900 to now

Finish Personality Poem



Presentations: April 24 - 28 
(we practice Mon. Tues & Frl.)
Research on a Dance Style Due: ***Due this Week - April 24th***

Phys. Ed is Monday, Wednesday and Friday (have a t-shirt and shorts to wear)

Upcoming Dates:

Thursday, April 27th - Pitch in Day (bring gardening gloves)
Saturday, April 29th - Student Mass @ Guardian Angels at 5 pm
Thursday, May 4th - Monsignor Lee BBQ &Open House
Newsletter went home/available on line

**Can't wait to share a fantastic final 2 months together - What are your hopes and wishes for this time?**