Mrs. Dunn - Grade 1

Friday, May 5 - We have just finished Catholic Education Week. The theme for this week was Walking Forward Together.  We focussed on walking forward together with God, family, others and nature in hope.  The children brought home their journals and are to finish creating pictures that show how they think they will walk forward, what they are walking toward and who they are walking with.  The pictures may include future occupations, family, involvement in community and nature.  After he/she has finished creating the picture he/she is to write about it.  I look forward to seeing the pictures and reading about how the children hope to move forward through life. We will be sharing these with the class on Monday.    

 April 3 - Spelling tests came home today.  Words are in the agenda and below with all of the words given this school year.  Please practise.  Baby Athena comes in tomorrow.
a comes tomorrow.
Feb 27 - Check bags- many students have work they did not finish in class for home work.  Tomorrow is pancake Tuesday. We have started talking about how we can grow during Lent.

Feb 7 - Snow day!

Hi,  If your child has still not yet finished the POP art groundhog day page sent home Friday today would be a good day to do it ( I have 3 finished - way to go Scarlet, Ava and 1 unsigned).  Other things you may decide to do today are practise spelling words, make addition and subtraction flash cards, start making Valentines Day cards ( a list of names is below), talk about baptism, write a story, discuss what responsibilities everyone in the house has and how that has changed over time ( e.g., when your child was a baby they had few responsibilities but now  they are expected to dress themselves, tidy things and help around the house), read, read, read, get ready to bring back your library book.  Have a great day!
Ms Dunn

  Spelling lists

List1 List 2 List 3 List 4 List 5 List 6 List 7             List 8
I am ten go had good we            she
in like men so sad this are           ship
it to went as have that all              shut
is if on see day then call           fish
at me can look play here his             shop
an he and was pig up run            cash
the be you my big cup but            with

List 9             List 10        List 11       List 12                 List 13          List 14
mad                well             five              yes                         fix                  quit
made              bell              live              you (repeat)      mix                quiet
ate                   call              give             yell                        exit                quiz
late                  tall              seven          yet                         next               quack
make               hill              van               by                           text               quick
name               pill              vet                fly                           wax               queen
thin                   fill               love             sky                         box                 equal

List 15         List 16         List 17        List 18     List 19        List 20        List 21
chat               sang             look              or              oat                 our              boy
chin                rang             book            for             oak                out              toy
chop              bang             cook            more         road             about          joy
chick             king               foot             keep          soap             now             point
lunch             wing              moon         see             goal               how            join
bunch            thing             zoo             got             moan             down        coin
church          of                     want         not             foam              him            oil

List 22          List 23         List 24       List 25        List 26     List 27
her                  what              are              than             will           do
were               when             arm             them           come       no
number         where            art              these           some       use 
water              why                way           their              one          could
other              which             may           they               from        would
first                 who                 say             did                your          many
word               there              blue           part              said           been

Class names - Ava, Ben, Caden, Calum, Camden, Darcy, Eliza Jane, Gavin,  Isabelle, Joseph, Josie, Liam, Laine, Lucas, Madison, Mya, Olivia, Sarah, Scarlet, Tanner

Tuesday,  November 1, 2016

Dear families,

The month of November focuses on the value of service.  We will continue to develop our understanding of roles, rules and responsibilities and we will discuss topics related to Remembrance Day.  There is a Remembrance Day poster contest that the students will be working on creating entries for. 

In language we continue to focus on developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.  In the classroom I have modelled writing lists many, many times and will encourage the children to write their own lists.  Please share how you may use lists at home e.g., things to do, groceries.  Try coming up with a sorting rule and then make a list with something that starts with each letter of the alphabet e.g., a list of healthy foods a- apple.....z - zucchini; names of people related to you. I expect each child to bring an item in for show and tell on his or her day.  The ability to speak to the class, give clear clues and answer questions all contributes to the development of oral language skills.  The item does not need to be a toy.  It can be a picture of something your child has drawn, cut out of a flyer, or a photo. 


The show and tell schedule for November is as follows:

Wed Nov 2 m

Thurs Nov 3 m

Fri Nov 4         boys d

Mon Nov 7 girls d

Wed Nov 9 girls g

Thurs Nov 10         boys  g

Mon. Nov 14 boys l

Tues. Nov 15 girls l

Wed.  Nov 16         girls f  sound so it may start with ph

Thurs. Nov 17         boys f  sound so it may start with ph

Mon. Nov 21 boys b

Wed. Nov 23 girls b

Thurs. Nov 24         boys j

Fri. Nov 25 girls j

In math we continue to work on developing our understanding of numbers and number patterns and will start working on the measurement concepts of time, money and temperature.  We continue to work with sorting and patterning concepts as well.  How many different ways can the halloween treats be sorted? 

This is the last paper newsletter you will receive this year.  All future newsletters will need to be viewed on the school website.  To access go to our school website and then click on the Parents and Students tab, scroll down to teacher websites.  The websites will appear on the left hand side of the page, clicking on Mrs. Dunn - Grade 1 takes you to my webspace.  Students will write in their agendas to indicate when there is a new newsletter.

Please watch in the agendas for spelling words.  Spelling tests are coming soon.

Thank you for sending your children rested, well fed and ready to learn.  Please continue to listen to your child read each night ( and record it on his/her reading log so he/she can get his/her prizes) and help them be prepared for show and tell. If you have any questions or concerns please send me a note or call me at the school and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Christine Dunn

Please note I often do not look at my Remind account until the end of the school day so if there is something you want me to know early in the day it is best to write a note in the agenda or call the school and leave a message. 

Friday,  Oct 7, 2016

Dear families,

Thank you for supporting your child in his/her quest to be a sound detective.  The children have come to school excited to share the objects they have found.  One of the favourite things was toilet paper for t.  Continuing to work on brainstorming about what can be found starting with different sounds helps children develop problem solving and literacy skills.  Have you tried generating lists of words? e.g. How many foods can we think of that start with p?. 

The new schedule is as follows

Date Who is sharing Theme

Tues.  Oct 11  Students who have previously forgotten to bring something do so today.

Wed. Oct 12   Girls short a sound (apple)

Thurs. Oct 13  Boys short sound.

Fri,  Oct 14  Boys ck sound ( hard c)

Mon.  Oct 17 Girls ck sound

Tues.  Oct 18 Girls Hh sound

Wed. Oct 19 Boys Hh sound

Thurs. Oct 20 Boys Rr sound

Fri.  Oct 21 Girls Rr sound

Please continue to read nightly and record at least one of the books on the reading log.  Today some students received their awards for having read 25 nights. 

If you have any questions or concerns please call or send me a note.

We have much to be thankful for.  We are all blessed to have these children in our lives.  Happy thanksgiving.


Ms Christine Dunn


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Dear families,

It was nice to see many of you at the school barbecue/book fair/open house last Thursday. The children were excited to show the classroom to their families and I was happy to see some of the families in the classroom. We have been settling into grade one, getting to know each other and what the expectations are.

We have a busy week.  Yesterday we celebrated our first school mass.  Today is school library day.  Thursday we have another spirit assembly and participate in our Terry Fox run.  Friday is a PA day which means no school for students. Next week we start looking at the virtue of thankfulness as we lead the school food drive.  School photos will be taken Tuesday, Oct 4.

In math we are finishing our first unit of study this week.  We have been learning about and exploring different ways to sort things and then create patterns.  We have sorted buttons, blocks, snap cubes, people, names, actions etc...The ability to recognize sorting rules and patterns is valuable in many curriculum strands.  Reading, spelling, music, science and math all rely on the ability to recognize attributes (e.g., how many syllables does a word have; what characteristics do different plants and animals share; is the sound high or low) and then be able to complete, create and extend patterns.  Please continue to look at how things are sorted in your home (e.g., What is kept in the kitchen and what is kept in the bathroom?) Can you list 5 different things and have your child tell how they are alike.  Many students are great at sorting by colour or size but struggle with sorting by other characteristics.  Playing riddle games in the car or at dinner may help develop this skill (e.g.Q How are tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and bread dough the same? A They are all used to make pizza.). Encourage your child to come up with his/her own riddles.

We are going to continue to share what we find at home when we are being sound detectives.  Today was t; tomorrow is s (not sh - we will do that later).  We will be looking at a lot of alphabet books as we solidify our understanding of the alphabet and the 42 different sounds in the English language.  We will be looking at sight words and starting reading groups soon.

Letter detective sharing schedule

Tuesday, Oct 4 Ii (short i sound such as “itch”)

Wednesday, Oct 5 Nn

Thursday, Oct 6 Pp

Friday, Oct 7 Aa (short a sound such as “apple”)

Tuesday, Oct 11 Cc KK - the hard c sound

Wednesday, Oct 12 Hh

Thursday, Oct 13 Rr

Friday, Oct. 14 Ee (short e sound such as “elephant”)

When sharing, students are invited to give three good clues as to what they found that starts with the letter of the day.  This helps us build on our developing ability to recognize attributes (e.g. It is a kind of vehicle, It has many wheels and it is driven on roads, what is it?).  Practise this at home.  Playing a game where you select a category or attribute and then take turns coming up with things that fit the category can help expand everyone’s ability to categorize. Once you are comfortable doing this you can play the game “Grandma likes”.  

Homework - some students have started bringing home work.  This is work that was not completed in class despite having been given ample time.  Please continue reading and recording on the reading log.  

If you have any questions or concerns please send a note in the agenda or call.


Christine Dunn