Mrs. Crowther - Grade 8

Tuesday, May 30th Math page 452-453 #1-23 Science page 220-221 notes #1,2,3,4 Individual meal plan is due Thursday in good ready to be handed in!! Last payment for Kandalore is due Thursday! Thursday, May 25th Health Look at Canada's Food Guide -How much of each category should you have per day? - Look at your Food Diary -What categories are you lacking in? - What do you have too much of? - be sure you have the calorie count for all the food you consumed a total for the day - how can you balance this? What will you need to change? Science Page 214-215 a-e and notes, # 1,2,3,4,6 Math page 433-434 #4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,14,18 Running tomorrow bring gym clothes!!! Friday, May 19th Many of you do not have any homework! BUT some of you do... Book Thief - 4 paragraph comparison, 2 questions, music, actor (it's on google classroom) Science Lab Problem of the Week Science Title page Literature Circles **come prepared for track and field on Tuesday** remember to bring your skills trade permission form Thursday, May 18th Problem of the Week Science page 212-213 notes #1,2 Literature Circles Health - food diary and include calorie count Running tomorrow! Come prepared! Monday, May 15th Math - Get Ready page 422-423 Geography page 122-125 notes page 125 #1,2,3,4 Problem of the Week is on google classroom At Georgian College tomorrow :) Friday, May 12th Math test on Monday! Literature Circle assignments and reading due on Monday Do I have your problem of the week???? Book Thief writing assignment on the movie is due Monday. We are running on Monday! come prepared!!! Don't forget your Georgian permission form Thursday, May 11, 2017. Obviously I have been a little delinquent updating this! sorry :) Math practice test page 414-415 Math test Monday!!! Make a grape float - Lab report due tomorrow Problem of the week due tomorrow (google classroom!) Book Thief movie review and questions due Monday Running tomorrow! come prepared Friday, May 4th Math p. 410 #5,6,7,8,9,11,12,14,15,18,19,21 due Monday Problem of the Week was due today! Essay due Monday feel free to hand in tomorrow! Running outside on Monday!!!! Thursday, May 3rd Math p. 410 #5,6,7,8,9,11,12,14,15,18,19,21 due Monday Problem of the Week due tomorrow. Geography Test tomorrow Essay due Monday feel free to hand in tomorrow! Gym tomorrow!!!! :) Tuesday, May 2nd Math page 403 # 4,5,6,7,9,12,13 Science page 126-127 notes #1,2,3 Essay 4 paragraphs completed Geography Test Friday Problem of the week Running outside tomorrow Monday, May 1st Math page 398-399 #5-9 (b/d only) 10,12,13,15,18,19 Essay - 4 paragraphs done and shared with me Problem of the week on google classroom Running tomorrow (maybe) come prepard Geography Test Friday School BBQ on Thursday night 5-7:30pm Friday, April 28th Math 392 #8,8,10 (12,13,14,15 a/c only) 16, 19,22 Science 124-125 #3,4,5,7 3 paragraphs completed on your essay Come prepared to run outside on Monday for gym :) Thursday, April 27th Math p.386-387 all Essay - 2 paragraphs Dance Assignment is due tomorrow Problem of the week is due tomorrow. Wednesday, April 26th Math test tomorrow - practice test Geography page 102-107 notes p. 105 #1,,2,r Problem of the Week Writing - essay one body paragraph completed Tuesday, April 25th Math review page 380-381 all Work on dance assignment, due Friday :) Problem of the week is on google classroom Kandalore forms Finish The Book Thief and 2 questions What does Death mean when he says, "I am haunted by humans"? How did you feel about the novel? How did you feel about the ending? Monday, April 24th Science Test tomorrow :) Math page 378-379 #5,6,8,10,12,14,16,18 Math Test Thursday Friday, April 21st Math page 372-373 #4,5,6 (a/c./e only),7,8,19,13,16 Geography notes up to page 101 Chapter 5 p. 96 #1,3 Science Test Tuesday, April 25th Math Test Thursday, April 27th Dance Presentations start Monday :) Have a fantastic weekend!!!! Thursday, April 20th Math page 368-369 #5,6,7,8,9,10,12,14,15,16,19 Geography page 90-94 notes p. 96 #1,2 Science test next Tuesday Problem of the Week due tomorrow! Tuesday, April 18th Math page 359 #5-9 c/d and 10,11,12,13 Science P. 108-109 notes #1,2,4 and P. 110-111 notes #2,3 and P. 114-115 #1,2 Geography P. 86-87 notes POTLUCK TOMORROW!!!! please come prepared Wednesday, April 12th Geography test tomorrow Novel Study ~ 3 questions or comments about The Book Thief Golf hole completed Bring your Black Clothes for Stations of the Cross at 2pm Tuesday, April 11th Math - golf criteria/rules completed Good copy of your story - Tale of 3 Trees Study for Geography Test on Thursday!!! Black Clothing for stations of the Cross on Thursday :) Monday, April 10th Math page 359 #5-11 a/b only Writing - rough copy of your Tale of 3 Trees Geography Test Thursday Find your black shirt, pants and socks Friday, April 7th Math page 354-355 #7-14 (a/c/e only) 15,16,20 Geography Test Thursday April 13 Problem of the week from KIRA,KAYLEA,MEAGHAN,CHRIS,JASON,JESSE,ALEX,AUSTIN,HALLIE Thursday, April 6th Math page 348-349 all Problem of the Week is due tomorrow Science page102-103 notes #1,2,3,6 & page 106-107 notes #1,2,4b Geography Test Thursday, April 13 Art is due tomorrow Jersey Day tomorrow Tuesday, April 4th Math page 340-341 all Science Try This Chocolate and Viscosity Math Test Thursday Novel STudy Questions????? Problem of the Week due Friday (p. 343 chapter problem) Tuesday, March 28th Novel Study question is on Google classroom Geography (group work) Presentations are Friday Religion Assignment due tomorrow!!! share it with me before 9am!! please.(group work) Problem of the week due Friday I'm still looking for a Science title page from Kira, Kaylea, Meaghan, Erin, Jason, Sammie, Emma, Tal, Hallie, Novel Study questions Kaylea, Meaghan, LIam, Chris, Jason, Sammie, Jesse, J-Bian, Emma, Sam, Austin, Tal, Hallie Monday, March 27 Math page 322-323 #3-14 except 10 and 12 Geography (group work) Religion Assignment (group work) Problem of the week due Friday I'm still looking for a Science title page from Kira, Kaylea, Meaghan, Liam, Erin, Jason, Sammie, Jack, Emma, Tal, Hallie, Novel Study questions Kaylea, Meaghan, LIam, Chris, Jason, Sammie, Jesse, J-Bian, Emma, Sam, Austin, Tal, Hallie Thursday, March 23 Math test tomorrow Problem of the Week due tomorrow Science page 90-91 notes #1,2,3,4,6 Work on Religion Assignment Geography work on your chapter Walking to Mass at the church tomorrow Tuesday, March 21 Geography (group work) The Book Thief - read pages 216-246 problem of the week due friday Religion - (group assigment) Monday, March 20th Math - review 236-237 #1-20 Problem of the Week Geography - complete what your group members assigned. Thursday, March 9th Geography Quiz tomorrow!!! The Help response to one of the following in a power paragraph. (at least 2 p2's) 1. Describe how racism or classism interfered with an important personal relationship in the movie. 2. How much of a person's character is shaped by the times in which they live? 3. Do you think racism is inherent or taught? Sub orders due by tomorrow!!! Walking to mass at the church tomorrow. Wednesday, March 8th Geography quiz on Friday Novel Study questions: 1. Death remembers Hans from WW1 and states that they never had a scheduled meeting. How did Hans avoid meeting Death during WW1? 2. How does Liesel respond to Max's arrival? Monday, March 6th Science Test Wednesday Math page 229 4-9 a/c only, 10,12,13,15,17,19,24 Geography page 16-19 notes p. 19 #4 Letters ~ Kaylea, Emma, Meaghan, Erin, Sammie, Novel Study question on irony of Mein Kampf~ Sammie, Jesse, Kaylea, Meaghan, Emma The Book Thief illustration of a descriptive part ~ remember to include the text and a write up about why you choose it, and discuss any literary devices used or descriptive language. (Tal I only have your art work not your write up) Friday, March 3rd Math Page 217 #5-12 a/c only, 13,14,19.20,21 Science Test Wednesday Novel Study Illustration and write up Reading Response Letters Still looking for Religion instagrams from Kaylea, Chris, Erin, Sammie, Emma Austin Thursday, March 2nd Math - get ready page 212-213 The Book Thief page 142-153 Why do you think Frau Hermann is always wearing her housecoat? Explain your answer using text support. Science test on Wednesday, March 8th :) DO I HAVE YOUR LETTER???? IF NOT PLEASE SHARE IT WITH ME NOW!! Thank you :) Come prepared for WINTER PLAYDAY dress warm :) Wednesday, March 1st Reading ResponseLetters are due tomorrow Math test tomorrow Geography notes up to page 15 Science page 68-69 notes #1-4 I need religion Instagrams from the following people: Kaylea, Chris, Erin, Sammie, Emma, Austin Science test next week :) Tuesday, February 28th Novel Study question ~ Why do you think Hans Hubermann buys the book? ~ Choose a character and state 3 characteristics (personality) with text support Math practice test page 207-208 Reading Response Letters ( I will give you til Thursday if you are helping with Pancake supper) Geography~ notes p.4-12 Science ~ Jello cell- remember to include why you used that type of candy and its function (for those that did not finish this last night for homework) Monday, February 27th Science ~ Jello cell- remember to include why you used that type of candy and its function Novel Study question ~ Why do you think Hans Hubermann buys the book? ~ Choose a character and state 3 characteristics (personality) with text support Math page 205-206 Reading Response Letters are due on Wednesday Geography notes page 4-7 Tuesday, February 21st Power paragraph on Kandalore (2 things you liked 1 you would change) be sure to use P3's and P4"s Math 6.3 8-13 Problem of the Week Wednesday, February 8th Math Get Ready p. 180-181 NOvel Study question science p 48-49 Religion - come up with a caption for your assignment or questions to ask Monday, February 6th Math test tomorrow History page 111,112,113,115,116,118.119 notes p. 112#1 & p119 #1 Choose your person who has lived/lives a life of faith Wednesday, February 1st Math review page 268-269 evens Essays - please hand in: Kira, Kaylea, Chris, Sammie, J-Bian, Emma Gym tomorrow please come prepared with a change of clothes 2nd payment for Kandalore due tomorrow Tuesday, January 31st Essay due tomorrow History Board Game due tomorrow Letters???? Problem of the Week??? Snowshoeing tomorrow. Come prepared!!! Monday, January 30th Science Test tomorrow !!! Essay is due Wednesday History Board game due Wednesday Problem of the week (last weeks) Letters (last weeks) Pizza orders due tomorrow Snowshoeing Wednesday or Thursday :) Wednesday, January 25th Math page 256-258 #4,6,7,8,9,12,14,16 Essay - Should have 3 paragraphs completed for tomorrow Problem of the Week due Friday Science Test Tuesday, January 31 History board game due Wed. Feb 1 (work on these at home) Bring in your Favourite Picture Book :) Letters are due this week GRADE 8 NIGHT AT PATRICK FOGARTY TONIGHT!!!! 6PM :) Tuesday, January 24 Problem of the Week due Friday Letters are due this week at least 2 paragraphs for your essay should be complete Science test next Tuesday. Presentations tomorrow Work on History Board game Monday, January 23 Math page 251 #3 or 4, 5, and 6,8,9, 10, 12, 15 Letters are due this week Essay complete one paragraph, either opening or body paragraph Science test next Monday or Tuesday? Problem of the Week due Friday Friday, January 20 Math p. 246-247 #4-9, 13.16 History page 108-109 notes #1, page 109, page 111-112 notes #1, page 112 Novel study - 2 questions see google classroom Letters due next week. Health essay topic picked. Science test coming soon :) Have a great weekend! Thursday, January 19 Math Get Ready Chapter 8 Problem of the Week Presentations/ Speech Pita Orders Kandalore Forms Monday, January 16th Math Test tomorrow History p. 104 notes, page 106-107 notes p. 107 #1,2 Novel Study/Language definitions and use words in a sentence Sub Orders Last Chance tomorrow Pita Orders Sweatshirt $ Problem of the Week Friday, January 13th Math - chapter 9 practice test Science p 42-45 notes and p. 45 #1-5 Letters from Kira, Meaghan, Liam, Chris, Erin, Sammie, Keegan, Emma, Austin, Talbot Patrick Fogarty registration forms Sub forms are due MONDAY!!!! Monday, January 9, 2017 WELCOME BACK! HAPPY NEW YEAR :)) Math page 295-296 #5,6,8,11 Writing - power paragraph "Who I should sit beside" you must persuade me :) gym tomorrow come up with a speech topic or a skill to teach someone (procedure writing) Tuesday, December 20, Christmas Assignment ~ media/product due tomorrow Math - page 291 #11,12 Pot Luck tomorrow Walking to the Church on Thursday Friday, December 16th History Test on Tuesday. Be sure you are studying. Christmas Assignment ~ due Thursday... product due Wednesday to present to the class ~ your ad must include a paragraph about the elements you used and why you choose those specific elements. LETTERS!!! from last week! Kaylea, Meaghan, Liam, Chris, J-Bian, Emma Gingerbread houses on Tuesday, Dec. 20th (bring your own candy) Bake Sale and Christmas Concert, Tuesday Dec. 20th Pot Luck Wednesday, Dec. 21 Wednesday, December 14 History page 96-97 notes, p. 98 #1,2,3,4 & key words Problem of the Week History test next Tuesday (December 20th) BAKE SALE tomorrow night at the Christmas Concert (5:15-7:30 ish) Tuesday, December 13, 2016 Math page 284-285 #4,5,7,7,9,11,12 Problem of the Week Letters from last week???? Christmas assignment Thanks the amazing day shopping. You are all so generous! Friday, December 9th History test very soon :) Religion finish your retell from the gospels of Luke 2:1-20 and Matthew 1:18-25 & 2:1-12 (remember it is not a summary of each) Work on your Christmas Assignment Math tests signed Do I have your letter??? Permission forms for shopping at Walmart Please bring in your money for the Adopted Family Thursday, December 8th Math-Get Ready Ch. 9 page 278-279 all Problem of the Week Christmas Assignment (please look at the assignment on google classroom!) Permission form for shopping at Walmart Walking to Mass tomorrow Bring in greenery for our advent wreaths Wednesday, December 7 History page 90-95 notes p.91 #1,2,3 and p. 95 #1,2,3 Math test tomorrow Letters are due this week Work on Christmas Assignment Monday, December 5 Math review page 174-175 Reading Response Letters are due this week Nelsons Literacy Media questions p.38-39 Money for Adopted Family Boys volleyball team members Science page 40-41 notes and #1,2,5 Math page 176-177 Work on Christmas assignment (letter to the Grinch!) Friday, December 2 Math page 172-173 #5,7,8,10,11,12,14 History Page 83-85 notes #1,2,3 and p. 87-88 notes #1,3 Letters are due next week Please bring in money for our "adopted family" Please bring in "greenery" Thursday, December 1 Math page 167-168 #5-10, 12,13,15 Letters from last I have yours? Narratives- Kaylea, Meaghan, Sammie, Emma Historical Fictions????? Remember the Times???? A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO OUR "ADOPTED FAMILY" remember to start bringing in your donations. Please bring in Evergreen Advent Celebration tomorrow @ 9:15 feel free to dress up :) Wednesday, November 30th. Letters- Kira, Meaghan, Chris, Samantha,Emma,Austin Narrative - KIra, Kaylea, Meaghan, Sammie, Emma Historical Fiction Narrative - Kaylea, Meaghan, Erin, Sammie, J-Bian, Emma Remember the Times Letter - Kaylea, Meaghan, Start to bring in money for "Adopted Family" Walking to Mass tomorrow Bring in evergreen and decorations please :) Monday, November 28th Math page 164 #3-6 "a" only, 7,8,9 a/c only 11,12,13 History page 79-82 notes #1,2 Science have all your supplies here for mousetrap cars and plans Start to bring in Money for "Adopted Family"

Wednesday, November 23rd History page 74-79 notes #1,2,4 Math Get Ready page 148-149 Letters are due this week Problem of the Week due Friday Narratives in good due Friday Get Math and History test signed Tuesday, November 22nd Math test tomorrow "Are you ready?" Letters are due this week. Science Page 26-27 notes #1,3,4 Story - rough draft due tomorrow All Food orders due tomorrow Thursday, November 17th History Test Monday on Chapter 2 Food Orders are due on Wednesday, November 23 Work on your Narrative Enjoy your Long Weekend :) Wednesday, November 16th Science p. 24-25 notes #1,2 History p. 68-69 notes #1-3 and p. 70 # 1-6 Outsider's Day tomorrow $2 burgers bring treats to share if you wish dress in costume !!! Math page 136-137 #6,7,8,9,10,11,13 Friday, November 4th History p. 58-61 p. 59 #1,3 Math page 112-113 Science title page is due Monday Gym Monday!!! Thursday, November 3rd History p. 53-57 and p.57 #1&2 Math test tomorrow Problem of the Week is due tomorrow "Remember the Times" read 4 articles for tomorrow Science Title page is due Monday Wednesday, November 2nd History P. 53-57 notes and p. 57 #1&2 Math Practice page 108-109 Problem of the Week is due Friday Monday, October 31st STUDY FOR SCIENCE TEST TOMORROW Have fun trick of treating! Be safe :) Thursday,October 27th Math page 98-99 #4-11 (#8&11a/c only) Problem of the Week Historical Fiction good copy due Monday Science Test Tuesday Halloween Costumes can be worn tomorrow!!! Tuesday, October 25th Math green floppy book page 23 & 25 Science Review Page 198-199 #1,4,5,6,7,9-12,17,18,26,38 Science Test next Tuesday Historical Fiction rough copy due on Thursday Problem of the Week due Friday BAKE SALE TOMORROW!!!! Monday, October 24th math page 95 #7-12 and 13 or 14 Work on your historical fiction narrative Religion finish answering your question over due work character sketch letter about the effects of the railway Reading Response letter Problem of the Week from last week Halloween Magic of 3/word referent BAKE SALE ON THURSDAY Halloween dance on Friday (no clown costumes) Friday, October 21st Math 90-91 #5-9, 11,12,13,16 All reading response letters were due by today Historical Narrative plan should be done (due Friday) I have included some key points on google classroom Thursday, October 20th Math p. 86-87 #7-11 a/c only 13,15,17,19,21 Character sketch is due tomorrow Power Paragraph/ Letter on the effects of the Railway (1860's) due Friday Independent Letter is due! Problem of the Week History narrative started Wednesday, October 19th Math p. 86-87 #7-11 a/c only 13,15,17,19,21 Letters are due this week (independent reading) Character Sketch is due Friday Power Paragraph/ Letter on the effects of the Railway (1860's) due Friday Outline for your Historical Fiction Narrative (Irish Immigrants) for tomorrow Problem of the Week Friday, October 14th Math test Tuesday or Wednesday??? History page 43-44 notes #1,3 and page 46-49 notes #1,2 Science classroom floor plan is due Monday Magic of 3/Word Referent art work is due for Monday Thursday, October 13th History Test tomorrow Magic of 3/Word Referent rough copy due tomorrow Science ~ classroom plan due for Monday Math Test next Tuesday Problem of the Week due tomorrow Wednesday, October 12th Math page 70-71 #5,6,7,8,9,12,13 History P. 43-44 and 46-49 notes p.44 #1,3 due Monday History Test on Friday Problem of the Week due Friday Math test next Tuesday Tuesday, October 11th Math page 66-67 #8,10,12,13,15,16,17,19,21 Science notes page 180-181 and #1,2,3,4 p. 181 Hero Assignment is due tomorrow (on google classroom) History Quiz Friday French ??? Problem of the Week due Friday, ~ Did you get your POW book signed???? Friday, October 7th Novel Study (for those absent read chapter 8) What keeps Darry from being a Soc? Explain using text support. Start Novel Study assignment on Google Classroom Science is due for Tuesday p. 177 #1,2,4,5 Thursday, October 6th Math page 65-66 #4,5,6,7 Problem of the Week due tomorrow Science Page 177 #1,2,4,5 POTLUCK TOMORROW!!! Wednesday, October 5th Math page 60-61 #5,,7,10,11,12,16,17 History finish notes on page 42 #1,3 Problem of the Week due Friday Walking to the Park tomorrow Potluck on Friday! Did you talk to your parents about this??? Tuesday, October 4th Math page 54 #5,6,8,9,10,11,12,13 History page 37-40 notes, page 40 #1,2 Science page 174-175 #1,2,4,5 Pot Luck on Friday,October 7 Walking to the park on Thursday Girls Basketball tryouts Wednesday after school til 4:30 Monday, October 3rd Novel Study question ~ How would you characterize the relationship between Johnny and Dally? Writing ~ write your descriptive paragraph on a setting or character. Potluck Friday Watercolours at Couch Park on Thursday Magazine/cookie dough order forms went home today! Thursday, September 29th Science page 166-167 #1,2 Enjoy your PD day :) please bring in your FORMS :) Letters from Kaylea, Kira, J-Bian, Emma,Liam PICTURE DAY ON TUESDAY :) Pot luck Friday, October 7th Walking to the Park for Watercolours Thursday, October 6th. Wednesday, September 28th Math page 48-49 History page 28-35 notes, p.32 #1,2, p35 #1, p. 50 #1 Novel STudy question Problem of the Week is due tomorrow please bring in your FORMS :) Letters from Kaylee, Kira, J-Bian, Emma Pot luck Friday, October 7th Walking to the Park for Watercolours Thursday, October 6th. Kandalore Dates February 15,16,17 and June 21,22,23 Graduation Wednesday, June 28th Tuesday, September 27th Math test tomorrow chapter 1 :) Problem of the Week Letter???? History from yesterday Terry Fox Money Drama due tomorrow Please bring back your FORMS filled out Monday, September 26th Math - practice test page page44-45 all Math test Wednesday :) History page 22 #1,2,3a) Letter to me in good copy for tomorrow! Make the opening exciting so that I want to read it !! School Mass tomorrow @ 9:30 Walking to PF at 2pm for skills trade expo Problem of the Week due Thursday :) Terry Fox Run on Thursday, please bring in your donation. Friday, September 24rd Math page 42-43 all questions History notes from page 3-21 page #1,2,3a) Novel Study paragraph on your feelings about the novel Art "I can't imagine life Without..." Thursday, September 22nd Math page 42 #1-7 History notes from pages 3-16 question #1page 22 Problem of the Week Novel Study do I have yours? Art Math page 29 #11 Wednesday, September 21st Math ~ Page 32-33 #3,4,5,8 ~ Page 29 #11 due Friday History Page 22 question #1 a-e and name major industry(page 4-9) I remember poster completed for tomorrow!! Problem of the Week due Friday ***School BBQ tomorrow night from 4:30 -6pm ~ Kandalore meeting at 5:30*** Drama presentation due next Wednesday Tuesday, September 20th Novel Study there are 3 questions on google classroom, please answer these in your language notebook Science page 164-165 notes #1,2,3,4, Math page 28-29 #3,4,9,12 number 11 is due Friday Writing I remember all writing must be typed for tomorrow. Problem of the Week due Friday Monday, September 19, 2016. Math page 40-41 #9,10,11,12,15,16,18,21,22 I remembers ... at least 4 typed Novel Study "What does Cherry mean when she says, "Things are rough all over"? Please bring your signed behaviour form in by tomorrow!!!! Friday, September 16, 2016. Math p. 39 #3,4,5,6,7,8 Finish Letter to me in rough I remember in good copy Science ~ yesterdays work PLEASE Problem of the Week ~ Kaylea, Kira, Meaghan, J-Bian, Austin, I need yours :( Please get the behaviour note signed :( **** GYM ON MONDAY**** Thursday, September 15th, 2016. Science Page 158-161 #1,3,4,5,6 Language ~ finish characteristics about 3 characters from The Outsiders ~ complete third paragraph of your letter to me Art - pastel name art is due tomorrow Wednesday, September 14th, 2016. Math - floppy book page2,4,9 Science - page 150-153 notes p. 153 #1,2,3,4,5 Language - I remember paragraph -2nd paragraph of letter to me Problem Of the Week is due Friday. ****GYM TOMORROW ~ BRING YOUR GYM CLOTHES PLEASE*** Tuesday, September 13th, 2016. Math page 24-25 #4,6,7,8,10,11,13,15 Science page 148-149 notes #2 Do I have your Figure Me Out? I am missing 6!!! Name Tags were due last Friday!!! Do I have yours? Be sure to have an independent novel here tomorrow! Did your parents sign the bottom of the note from September 8th. Monday, September 12th, 2016. Math page 19-21 #4,6,8, Language - Do the first paragraph of your letter to me. Look for photos for your "I remember" Problem of the Week is due Friday. ***Bring in your independent novel*** Friday, September 9, 2016 Figure Me Out good copy is due for Monday Math page 14-15 # 3,4,13,15,16 Name tag Art is due for Monday. Look for photo's to go with your "I Remember..." Don't for get your gym clothes on Monday. Gym is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday!!! Have a fantastic weekend!! :)

Thursday, September 8, 2016
Science finish your Observations and analysis for Saving Sam
Figure Me Out rough copy is due tomorrow
Language (3 things I need to know about your reading, writing and you as a learner)
Math finish page 11& 12 #1-5
Name Tag is due Monday
***gym days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday come prepared!***

Wednesday, September 7 2016

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome Back! I am very excited to be working with your child this year.  I am committed to providing a safe, caring learning environment which will allow my students to achieve their fullest potential.

Our class has spent some time discussing what a safe, caring classroom should be like, and in order to achieve this environment the students have developed “Class Rules” and consequences.

  1. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

  2. Ask for permission before leaving the class.

  3. Follow Directions.

  4. Come to class prepared and always do your best.

  5. Respect each other and their property.


1st - verbal warning

2nd - time out to reflect

3rd - send to principal/call home

Severe Disruption - sent to principal/call home

Rewards: class outings, treats, positive phone calls, special class activities

Please read and discuss these with your child and send back the bottom of this form indicating you understand and agree with them.

Our class will not be purchasing agenda’s this year we will be using a class website for homework and upcoming activities.  This will be accessible to students and parents.

Your child will need a math set, calculator, pens, pencils and a glue stick of their own.  If you have not already done so please purchase these to have at school.  Our physical education days are Monday, Thursday and Fridays.  Your child will need a change of clothing for gym, this should include shorts or track pants, a t-shirt, socks, running shoes and deodorant.

Intermediate is a very busy and exciting time. During the “Open House” on Tuesday, September 22 we will be holding a meeting to provide you with information on our trips, confirmation, fundraising and graduation.  I will keep you notified of any upcoming events.  I look forward to a fantastic year with your child!


Mrs. Crowther


I have read and discussed the behaviour guidelines with my child.  (please return this slip)

Students name and signature ______________________________________________

Date and Parent Signature ________________________________________________