Mrs. Clifford - Grade 3

February 19, 2018
HAPPY FAMILY DAY!!!  Hoping you and your family got to spend time together today doing something you love!

Yesterday I had the extreme honour of joining Laurel and Madison at the Royal Canadian Legion for the Remembrance Day Awards for the posters.  Congratulations goes to both girls who created a winning coloured poster.

This week we will continue to follow the Olympics and how well our great country is doing.  Spelling words you will notice have an Olympic theme and we will be doing a research project in class on the Olympic events.

In math, we continue to look at multiplication, adding and subtracting along with temperature and 3d solids.  We will also get our first look at sample EQAO math questions.

In language, we are really having to go back and look at how to create a quality sentence as oh laa-laa our sentences are not pretty!!

On Wednesday, your child will be bringing home their report card.  Remember you wish to see B's as that indicates to you that your child is meeting the expectations of the grade 3 curriculum.  Please complete your portion of the comment section, have your child set their goals in their section and return both sections in their report card envelope by next Monday.  Remember to celebrate all your child has accomplished.

Have a great week everyone and stay dry the best you can.
Mrs. Clifford

February 11, 2018
Dear Parents,
This week will be a busy one.  

On Tuesday we celebrate Valentine's Day wearing red, white and pink to school.  We will exchange our Valentines on this day and Heart-A-Grams will be delivered.  That night beginning at 5:00 pm we host our annual pancake supper at Guardian Angels Church.  

On Wednesday, we begin the Lenten Season.  Our Ash Wednesday Mass begins at 9:30 am and you are most certainly welcome to visit us.  Scholastic book orders are due today and remember you can pay via credit card when placing an order on-line.  

On Friday, we have our annual play day.  PLEASE make sure your child is dressed appropriately as they will be outside for the afternoon.

Please keep practicing multiplication facts and more importantly subtraction with borrowing and adding with regrouping.  

Report cards come home next week!

Wishing you a love filled week.
Mrs. Clifford

February 4, 2018
Dear Parents,

Welcome to the month of L-O-V-E!  Our Valentine exchange will take place on the 13th along with wearing our L-O-V-E colours (red, white, and pink).  The Valentine list is:

Jayden William Tyler Kailyn Logan
Will Madison Jagger Aiden Laurel
Dameon Brinae Preston Sophie Geoffrey
Annabella Mrs. Clifford     (and maybe Evelina - fingers crossed)

If your child is making their First Reconciliation this year and you did not attend the meeting today, the next one is this Tuesday, February 6th at 7:00 pm in the parish hall.  You have been asked to bring your child and their work book folder and it is expected that you have completed Chapter 2 and are working in Chapter 3. 

Tomorrow your child is going to bring home a piece of math homework that they must complete and have brought back by this Tuesday (yes, one night to complete).  This sheet is exactly what their test will look like later in the week.  They will be bringing this sheet home Tuesday night after it has been corrected so that they can prepare. 

Last week we spent some time looking and working our way through a sample question of the EQAO language section.  I feel that in order to prepare your child best and keep anxiety completely at bay, that by slowly working our way through sample questions not only will they know how to complete them but it will become second nature so that at the end of May life goes on, no big deal.  We will be working our way through both language and math sample questions. 

Wishing you a wonderful week filled with love (after all it is the month of l-o-v-e). 
Mrs. Clifford


January 28, 2018
Dear Parents,

Just a friendly reminder that this week is a four day week as Friday is a PA day.  I will be very lonely in our classroom but very busy as I work on your child's report card.  As in the past, you want to see B's as that means your child is working at the expected grade 3 level (sorry our old ways of thinking of A's, B's, and C's does not work for your child).  There are no interviews scheduled but if you have any concerns, please be sure to contact me.

This year is a very interesting one when it comes to the Lenten Season.  Ash Wednesday is on Valentine's Day and Easter Sunday is on April Fool's Day.  Talk about mixed up celebrations.  In order to begin the Lenten Season on the proper footing we are declaring February 13th as our day of celebrating Valentine's Day so be sure to wear your red, pink and white, bring in your valentine cards so that we can exchange them and see you at the Pancake Supper held annually at Guardian Angels Church (more information to follow from the office).

In order to get the Valentines's completed here is a list of our classmates:
Jayden William Tyler Kailyn Logan
Will Madison Jagger Aiden Laurel
Dameon Brinae Preston Sophie Geoffrey
Annabella Mrs. Clifford
(yes as of next week we are done to 16 students as we lose Evelina who is moving to another part of Ontario).

We have begun working on multiplication facts so please practice 0, 1, 2, 5, and 10 facts with your child.  As you and I both know, memorization is key of the facts.  As well, despite four months of working with addition, I still have students who cannot remember the steps!!  Regretfully, time is of the essence and we now need to move to subtracting.

For some of my friends, they spend more time going through the books on the books shelf during DEAR time rather than reading.  The comment I hear is "I can't find anything I like."  As I have said to my students since the first day of school, they are more than welcome to bring a book from home to read during DEAR time so if you hear such a request, you now know why.

Wishing you a wonderful week.
Mrs. Clifford

January 21, 2018
Dear Parents,
Welcome to Literacy Week at Monsignor Lee School.  Everyday there is an activity planned for school and one suggested for at home (see your child's agenda for the at home activities).

At school the activities are:
Monday - Stop, drop and read as a school at the same time
Tuesday - Guess the teachers' favourite book 
Wednesday - Book Swap books are due (see below)
Thursday - Poem in my Pocket (see below)
Friday - Book Swap and dress up as your favourite character from a book

Book Swap is just what you are thinking it is.  Bring in a book in good condition (no rips, tears, or colouring) that you no longer want and don't mind giving away.  On Friday, for those students who donated a book to the swap, you are invited to the library to choose a book from what has been donated by other students.  We did the swap last year and it was a huge success.

Poem in my Pocket - come to school that day with a poem in your pocket.  Poem does not have to long but it must be in your pocket on a piece of paper.  When a teacher or EA stops you and asks to hear your poem, your name is entered into a draw - draw to take place on Friday.

I have just finished benchmarking my students and I am happy to say that everyone keeps advancing levels which means reading on a nightly basis does work.  When reading out loud with your child, please encourage them to read like they speak as fluency is a huge goal for many of them.  If your child goes back and corrects an error they made, congratulate them as it means they are focussing on the written word and what it says.  PLEASE don't forget to keep recording in your child's log located at the front of your child's agenda.

The weather is funny these days but please keep sending your child in winter gear as they are out in the yard playing in the snow.  Extra socks and mitts are always nice to have in their school bag.

Wishing you a wonderful week.
Mrs. Clifford

January 14, 2018
Dear Parents,
With one week minus a day under our belts, we are well underway to a new year of learning.

For some of our friends who say they NEVER have homework, some suggestions:

1.  READING every night and recording in your child's log

2.  Practicing adding with regrouping (we have worked so hard on this and I am hoping everyone can now remember the steps)

3.  Subtracting with borrowing - we must go back and review the steps as some of my friends were so confused I decided that we would master adding first and now start subtraction once again.

4.  Multiplication - we have begun to learn the simple facts - 0, 1, 2, 5, 10.  All others will come once we have mastered subtraction.

5.  Time - learning to read the good old fashion clock.

6.  Tie shoe laces - yes, I am amazed at how many of my students cannot tie their laces.  This is a skill that should be mastered by the age of 8.

This week on Wednesday we have our school mass which you are invited to attend and Scholastic Book orders are due.  Remember if you so desire you can now pay by credit card for the book orders via on-line orders (ordering instructions were provided last week).

Intramural basketball has begun for those friends who decided to sign up.  What a great way to learn skills and have some fun during the cold winter months.  Basketball happens twice a week during first recess.

For those who have not made their First Communion or First Reconciliation but wish to do so, sign up is today in the church hall from 2:00 - 3:00pm and again this Tuesday from 7:00 - 8:00pm.  You MUST have a COPY of your child's baptismal certificate with you in order to register as well as $30 fee.  This is a drop in registration but please bring your child with them so they can begin to appreciate how special these sacraments are in their life.

Wishing you a week of safe driving.
Mrs. Clifford

January 7, 2018
                     HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!

Hoping everyone had a very restful break and that your child is ready to get back to learning!  Routines I am quite sure are very much needed after the freezing cold temperatures that have forced us indoors for way too many days (and everyone wonders why I am not winter lover!).

So far our calendar looks very quiet but I have great confidence that it will fill in quickly.

Your child will arrive home today with their Read On book once again, some will have their Forrest of Reading book, and the January challenge is on (see if your child has achieved the challenge!).  Beginning next week, I will start re-evaluating your child's reading level so my fingers and toes are crossed that they did some reading over the break.

Scholastic Book orders are going home today as well.  Scholastic has the option for you to browse the orders and pay on-line (a few families have used this system this year and all went smoothly) .  The website for this opportunity is:  

The instructions to place an order are as follows:
1. Fill out the form to select your child’s teacher and provide your payment details, including the Parent Pay code found on your order form(s).
2. Provide your billing and credit card information and submit your payment. You can submit a single payment for ALL flyers that have the same Parent Pay code.
3. Record your payment Reference Number on your child’s order form(s) and send them in to school so that your child’s teacher can place your order.

For my friends who wish to make this sacrament this year, the following is the information that has been forwarded to me:

The drop-in Registration dates for these two sacraments will be Sunday January 14th from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm AND on Tuesday January 16th from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm down in the parish hall.   Please be aware that your child must be baptized in order for these next sacraments to take place.  Registration requires a COPY (repeat 'COPY') of your child's baptismal certificate and a $30 offering to cover program materials.   Questions??  Please email Tara Treash …

Wishing you a wonderful warm week (one can only hope)!
Mrs. Clifford

December 16, 2017
It is incredibly hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner and that your child and I have been together on a learning journey for 4 months!  The first day of school seems like forever ago.

Thank you to all of you for coming to our Christmas concert.  We had great fun learning to play our plates to the Nutcracker Ballet!

This week is going to see us wrap up many units of study, mixed with lots of learning and Christmas spirit activities.  If you review the class calendar you will realize:

*Food drive is Monday and Tuesday only of this week
*Every day this week has a different theme
*Santa and written letter are due on Tuesday (can't wait to see the creations)
*Wednesday we are off to the movies
*All library and read-on books are due back on Wednesday
*Forrest of Reading readers need to have books and notes back no later than Tuesday so that they can have their interviews completed prior to the holidays
*Friday we have our last Advent celebration.  What a wonderful way to begin our Christmas holidays

Over the holidays, your child is highly encouraged to read on a daily basis.  Two weeks with no reading is enough to set them back levels in their reading.  Please be sure to record your child's reading in their log as we have a class challenge happening at the end of January (ask your child what the challenge is - we have 5 students yet to met the challenge!).  

Mr. Soares has a health project that your child must complete.  They need to bring in two food labels from two packages of a similar product (two cereal boxes, two cookie boxes, two cracker boxes, two packages of pasta, etc.).  These labels must be back to school following the Christmas holidays.

There are no spelling words this week.

Wishing you and your family a most joyous and blessed Christmas filled with many opportunities to make precious memories with your loved ones.
Mrs. Clifford

December 13, 2017
Dear Parents,
Today your child is bringing home a Santa project that must be completed AT HOME and returned finished on Tuesday, December 19th.  A complete explanation has been given to your child of everything that needs to be done do not let them tell you "they don't know".

Four things:
1.  Santa must be cut out and creativity is the key with his new suit
2.  The writing piece is set up like a letter (they have been taught this)
3.  The writing piece is completed as a power writing (they have been taught this).

I cannot wait to see what these creative children come up with!

A reminder that the Christmas concert is tomorrow night.  The classroom door is opened at 5:45 pm and the concert begins at 6:00 pm. Please pick up your child from the classroom at INTERMISSION time.  If you have no other children performing, you most certainly are welcome to stay but you can go home if you so desire.  Pray for good weather.  If it is a snow day, the concert is cancelled and is re-scheduled for Tuesday, December 19th at 6:0pm.

Looking forward to making you smile.
Mrs. Clifford

December 11, 2017
Just two quick updates:
1.  Our movie is on December 20th NOT the 22nd.

2.  Please pick your child up at the intermission and not the conclusion of the Christmas concert.  We are the last act before the intermission.

Have a great week - ours is getting crazier by the minute!
Mrs. Clifford

December 10, 2017
Dear Parents,
It is hard to believe in that two short weeks, Christmas will be here!  The snow (yes, this is a swear word in my books) seems to want us to have a white Christmas after all.

Given the new fresh snow on the ground, PLEASE make sure your child is prepared with snow gear each and everyday (and if your child is giving you a hard time in the morning, use those famous words "Mrs. Clifford said so!").   An extra pair of mitts and even socks in the school bag are always greatly appreciated.

This Thursday is our Christmas concert which begins at 6:00 pm.  I am asking my students to come to the classroom for 5:45 pm and ask that you pick them up immediately following the conclusion of the concert.  The concert is suppose to be an hour in length and what a great way to get in the Christmas spirit.  IF your child is not attending, please let me know asap!  Again, no Santa hats, elf ears, etc.  All family members are welcome to attend.

We will be celebrating Advent mass on Wednesday at 9:15 am and you are most certainly welcome to join us.

On Friday your child brought home a permission form for a field trip to Galaxy Theatre to see "The Star" on December 22nd.  Permission forms and money are due back Tuesday.  As noted with my friends, no food items will be available to be purchased.  We have never experienced a movie field trip so I am excited to see how this unfolds and the movie is a perfect choice for us during the Advent season.

On the calendar you will note the food drive items for the 12 Days of Giving.  You will also notice that I added some "Dress Up" items for the last week of school that Mrs. Jackson has invited the students to wear for some Christmas fun.

A side note, our day begins at 8:55 am.  We have some frequent flyers that are really collecting a huge number of late days.  I understand early morning medical appointments but always sleeping in - time to ask Santa for a new alarm clock as this is your child's job and it is important that at this tender age we impart the importance of being on time and ready to work.  This is a life skill.

Wishing you a wonderful week and looking forward to seeing you on Thursday.
Mrs. Clifford

December 3, 2017
Dear Parents,
Welcome to the craziest month of the year.  Thus far all looks quiet and please rest assure, we work in Mrs. Clifford's class right till the last day - as I say to my students, keep it normal makes the time come by faster!

Today starts our annual Food Drive.  This year we are having fun with the 12 Days of Christmas.  You will notice on the calendar 12 different items that are being requested on 12 different days.  Mrs. Clifford will gladly accept any of these items in her classroom on any given day over the 12 Days of Christmas Food Drive.  Thank you in advance for your kindness in giving.

Our Christmas Concert is being held on Thursday, December 14th beginning at 6:00 pm.  Nothing on your child's head please and dressed in Christmas colours is most welcomed.  If Mother Nature decides that she is finally going to arrive, the re-scheduled date for the concert will be Tuesday, December 19th at 6:00 pm.  IF your child cannot attend either of these dates, can you please let me know ASAP as a repeat of Remembrance Day is not welcomed (but boy did my students who were in attendance ever step to the plate!).

If you are looking for a few gift ideas for your child, this is the time of the year where pencil crayons, crayons, markers, pencils, and erasers are either going missing in action or are down to the nitty gritty.

Looking forward to a great week of learning.
Mrs. Clifford

November 27, 2017
Sorry for the delay everyone - I had not forgotten you!

Today in your child's homework bag you will find your child's spelling dictation notebook.  Please review your child's results and sign the last dictation page.  All notebooks must be back for this Friday when we write our next test. 
Some of my friends are participating in a Forrest of Reading program.  This program is for those students who are active readers and have an independent reading level.  For those participating, notes are very important as they may be used during the interview and ensuring you stick to the two week reading period is critical as there are other students waiting to read the book.

Food drive is beginning once more for the primary division.  Please remember that all of your food donations are brought to Guardian Angels Church and distributed through St. Vincent de Paul.

Our annual Christmas concert is right around the corner.  Mark your dates - Thursday, December 14th at 6:00 pm.  Snow date is Tuesday, December 19th at 6:00 pm.  Please have your child dressed in Christmas colours - NO hats or ears.

This Wednesday is the last day to place those Christmas book orders.  Again if any books are meant as presents, please let me know and I will contact you once the order has arrived.

Wishing you a wonderful warm week filled with success as you do your Christmas shopping!
Mrs. Clifford

November 19, 2017
A huge thank you to all of you parents for coming to your child's three way conference.  I truly enjoyed celebrating your child and his/her successes this year with you.

If you haven't done so already, if you could please send back your child's report card envelope and complete the bottom portion of the report card. 

Some of you were enquiring about the heat in our classroom.  YES, it feels like the heat really kicks in the afternoon (on Thursday I felt like I could have fried an egg on a desk!!).  However we do have windows that open to let the fresh air in and a teacher who sure doesn't mind opening them.  So....if your child wishes to wear a t-shirt to school please just make sure they have a sweatshirt or sweater for outside play or in the fear that the heat doesn't work one day!!.  As well, please keep sending in a water bottle with your child.

Pizza orders are now on-line in the on-line backpack file.  They are due back by this Friday, November 24th.

Scholastic book orders will be coming home with your child tomorrow.  If you wish to order any books as Christmas presents, please just me let me know and I will call you once the order has arrived.  Just an fyi, you can pay by credit card on-line for your book order.  Instructions are on the front of the book order form.

Christmas concert has been set for the evening of December 14th.  I believe the start time is 6:00 pm and we will be participating in the concert that evening.

If the weather turns like the weather person is predicting, please remember we are in the NORTH ZONE in case of bus cancellations (Mrs. Clifford says please don't start bus cancellations - we have too much to do!).

Drive safe everyone.
Mrs. Clifford

November 12, 2017
Dear Parents,
Wherever do I begin this week in telling you how extremely proud of your child I am.  They truly stood out on both Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday as you remember we went to the OPP headquarters to help launch a new partnership between the OPP and TD-Wells in respect to the teddy bears that are kept in all cruisers for children in a time of need.  Your child knew that this was going to be a "go with the flow moment" as even I had no clue what to expect.  Your child was amazing and they most certainly impressed every adult in the room with their respect, manners, and listening ears.  I was sooooo proud to call your child mine that day.

On Friday was our Remembrance Day ceremony and first crazy snow fall of the year.  My day started off with a bang as our poor guest speaker was caught out on Highway 11 in the mess, busses were late and we had 6 students missing from our class (it was almost 7)!!!  If you were in the gym, you saw me quickly re-assigning readings and jobs and re-organizing lines etc.  For my 12 friends who were with me on Friday, you were AMAZING!!!  You rose to the occasion of covering your friends who weren't with us and once again you did your teacher proud!! 

This week is once again a big week as your child will be bringing home their progress report card on Wednesday (remember this is the one that has no letter grades) and we will be meeting for your child's three way interview either Thursday night or Friday throughout the day.  Signing up for interviews is on-line once again and the instructions were either brought home by your youngest child on Friday or you can find them on the school website.  I look forward to sitting down and celebrating your child with you this week!

If you order milk for your child, milk order forms can be found on the school website under on-line backpack and are due tomorrow.  

Our annual Christmas flowers (which are absolutely beautiful) from the Parent Council are on sale once again.  Order forms are due back with payment this Wednesday.  Order forms are under the on-line backpack on the school website.  

MLS water bottles are once again on sale.  They are available at a cost of $5.00.  What a great stocking stuffer idea!

Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.  Our playground is completely opened, which means that good old wind comes wiping up the hill from Patrick Fogarty and can just about freeze us completely solid some days.  

Hoping not to see any snow this week!
Mrs. Clifford

November 6, 2017
Dear Parents,
This most certainly is going to be a big week for our class!

On Friday, your child arrived home with a permission form that needs to be returned by this Wednesday, November 8th.  On THURSDAY, November 9th, our class has been invited to join the OPP as they kick off their Teddy Bear campaign.  While at the OPP, we will also be given a tour of the OPP museum.

This Friday, at 9:30 am we are the host class for the Remembrance Day Ceremony.  I am asking all students of MLS to come dressed in as much red as possible and to bring a monetary donation for their poppy.  You of course are most welcome to attend the ceremony.  I also thank you for practicing your child's reading part and section of In Flanders Fields.  

Today your child has come home with a permission form that needs to be signed for the Royal Canadian Legion Remembrance Day contest.  We, at are age, are only allowed to participate in the poster category.  We have been working on our posters in class but in order to submit your child's work, I need a signed permission form.  This permission form must be back by this Friday.

This year for the month of November, Mr. T. Marwick is participating in the Movember campagin.  This year Movember is being dedicated to men's mental health issues.  Any donations are gratefully accepted.  

Speaking of mental health, on Monday, November 20th, at Patrick Fogarty,  the Catholic Parent Involvement Committee is hosting a Mental Health for Every Age evening.   The evening will include the keynote speaker, Dr. Pat Carney and informative breakout sessions that will focus on mental health information for primary, junior/intermediate and secondary aged students.  Light refreshments will be provided, as well as child care for parents attending with children 3 - 12 years old.  Evening will run from 6:30 - 8:00 pm and will include a 45 minute breakout session.  See our school website for instructions on how to register up on-line.


Photo re-take day is this Wednesday. 

Mr Soares has given your child a simple piece of homework.  They need to bring in a nutritional label for one of your cereal boxes.  This label needs to be here for Friday.  

Progress reports are being sent home next Wednesday, November 15th with interviews to follow on the evening of November 16th and throughout the day of November 17th (yes, that means the 17th is a PA day).  Instructions on signing up on-line for your interview time will be sent home from the office.  Please be sure to sign up for a time.

Scholastic Book orders are due this Wednesday.  There is a feature on the Scholastic website, whereby you can place your order and pay with your credit card.  All instructions are described on the website.  Remember if some of the books are for Christmas and you want them to remain a secret, just let me know and I will call you when the order arrives.

Last but not least, please ensure your child is dressed for the weather.  That wind most certainly howls across the playground and regretfully it is time to put the shorts away.

Hoping to see you on Friday.
Mrs. Clifford

October 30, 2017
Well the next two days shall be exciting days with the Hallowe'en Dance and wearing of Hallowe'en costumes happening today.  Hoping your child remembered to bring a change of clothing and really thought about the bits and pieces of their costume they were bringing today.  The joy of having the dance today is that all costumes make it home in time for trick-or-treating.

On Tuesday, Hallowe'en day, students are invited to dress in as much orange and black as they possible can.  We have a fun activity planned and I can't wait to watch your child's creativity at work.

A gentle reminder that starting on Wednesday, until the bag is finished or your child is done with them, your child may only pack three Hallowe'en treats in their lunch bag. 

This past Friday your child brought home their piece for the Remembrance Day ceremony along with a verse from In Flanders Fields that they must practice each and every night.  PLEASE listen to your child practice their part out loud.  The more familiar with their part that they are, the less nervous they are in front of the microphone.  Our ceremony has been changed from 11:45 am to 9:30 am on Friday, November 10th.  You are most welcome to attend. 

Scholastic Book orders are in your child's school bag tonight.  If you would like to place a "secret" order and begin your Christmas shopping, just let me know and when the orders arrive, I will give you a call and leave your order at the office for you to pick up. 

WIshing you a fun night of trick-or-treating!
Mrs. Clifford

October 23, 2017
Dear Parents,

All kinds of bits and pieces this week:

*School mass this Wednesday at 9:30 am.  You are most welcomed to attend.

*EMPTY toilet paper and paper towel rolls are needed in the classroom by this Thursday.  We are using them for a science project.
*On Monday, October 30th, your child is invited to wear/bring their Hallowe'en costume to school.  We will be having our annual Hallowe'en dance.  (Why the 30th and not the 31st you ask?  Forgotten costumes at school on the 31st is a pure disaster and yes, I have made home deliveries!)
*On Tuesday, October 31st, your child is invited to wear Hallowe'en colours.

Speaking of Hallowe'en, students are well aware that they are only allowed to bring three treats to school (no peanut products allowed).  Why three?  Because we have an awful lot of learning to do and a child full of sugar and learning, does not go hand and hand.  

Calling all reading logs!!!  PLEASE, PLEASE record your child's reading each and every night.  A really scary fact:  every child in our class by now should have their 25 night certificate.  Reality:  3 students only in our class have received it.

A scary thought because boy time sure has flown by, but progress reports and interviews are right around the corner.  Interview sign ups will be like last year and done by you on-line.  Stay tuned for more details.

Remembrance Day - we are the class in charge of the ceremony.  Your child in the next few days will be bringing home their part.  PLEASE practice it on a nightly basis.  I will send the time home once confirmed with Mrs. Jackson.

Wishing you an incredible week.
Mrs. Clifford

October 16, 2017
This shall be a week of very interesting weather so all I can ask, is please dress your child appropriately.  

EMPTY PAPER TOWEL AND TOILET PAPER ROLLS are needed for next week for a science project.  Keep saving and sending in.

If you have not already done so, please return the money and order form if you have orders for the Big Box of Cards.  Today (being Monday) was the due date for all orders to be in.  If  you are not purchasing the box, it MUST be returned with all 33 cards enclosed.  PLEASE remember the money raised from this fundraiser is going directly towards our playground enhancement which your child uses every day of their school life.

Parent Council meets this Wednesday at 5:30 pm in the library.  All parents are invited to attend.  Meetings are normally an hour in length.

The Breakfast Club at MLS began last week.  This year, the club will run Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings so if you are available one of those mornings to assist, please call the office.  The club cannot run without wonderful parent volunteers!

Beginning this week, I will be sending home unfinished math homework. Like in our day, the completed homework is due back the next day.  If your child brings home unfinished work, please look at this as an opportunity to begin establishing your homework routines for the years to come.

Have a great week.
Mrs. Clifford

October 10, 2017

Last week we spent time talking about all of the things we are thankful for.  I most certainly was thankful for the gift of family, an amazing turkey dinner and beautiful weather!

On Friday, the youngest or only child in the family brought home the box of cards for our parent council fundraiser.  I thought the box was worth $35 but a better deal was offered - 33 cards for $33 and as you can tell the are beautiful cards.  All orders and money are due back to Monsignor Lee no later than Monday, October 16.  The money from this fundraiser is going to support the much needed enhancement of our playground.  Parent council has done an incredible job ensuring all ages are taken care of in the various stages that they have planned.  Phase One has been completed and phase two is about to begin!  Thank you for supporting Parent Council and your child's playground through this fundraiser.

PICTURE day is tomorrow.  Bring your best smile to school.

CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Maddie who was the first person in our class to earn her 25 nights of reading certificate in the gym on Friday.  I have some other friends who are close to accomplishing the first column while I have other friends who need to read each night and others who need to record in their log their fine efforts.

Wishing you a wonderful week.
Mrs. Clifford

October 2, 2017
Where oh where did September go!  That month most certainly flew by.

October will also be a busy month and there are many different due dates:
Friday, October 6th - Parent Council Card Fundraising Cards come home
Tuesday, October 10 - Terry Fox $ due
Tuesday, October 10 - PICTURE DAY (note the change of date)
Monday, October 16 - Card Fundraising orders and cards due back
Wednesday, October 18 - Parent Council Meeting 5:30 pm 
Wednesday, October 25 - School Mass

In regards to the Parent Council Fundraising, your youngest child will be bringing home a beautiful box of all occasion greeting cards this Friday. There are 33 cards and the cost for the whole box is $35 (basically this is a trip to the dollar store all in one box except the cards are most certainly a higher quality).  As a family, either you:
**purchase the box,
**sell the box to family and friends (and more orders can certainly be placed as the box will sell itself)
**OR you return the box with all 33 cards enclosed.  
Parent Council is looking towards the playground and the many incredible phases of development that they have planned with the funds raised.  Your help in making our playground grow is greatly appreciated. ALL boxes and orders must be returned to MLS no later than
Monday, October 16. 

Food orders have been posted on-line and hopefully you have been locating them under the Online Backpack tab.  Due dates are strictly adhered to as orders must be placed in a timely fashion so that the food providers have enough time to place their ingredient order.

Read On program - PLEASE be sure you are recording your child's reading in the log on a nightly basis.  Yes, they are allowed to continue recording over the weekends and holidays.

MATH - please keep reviewing with your child basic mental math facts in the area of adding and subtracting.  It is scary how some of my friends still don't have the basics memorized.  As well, reviewing adding with sharing and subtraction with borrowing is a great piece of homework that can be done each and every night (and the steps are still the same as when you learnt them way back when in elementary school).

The spelling words this week may look really easy but these are the ones that have been frequently spelt wrong for the month of September!

Wishing you a most blessed Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends.  Enjoy that turkey dinner!!
Mrs. Clifford

September 25, 2017
Well what an incredible weekend!!!  I am sooo happy that summer has finally arrived and looking ahead, I hope it continues.  (Sorry, a winter lover I am not).

Thank you to those parents who came to annual school bbq - it was wonderful to meet you in person.  For those parents who could not attend, I look forward to meeting you at the three way conferences in November.

On Friday, your child brought home a sponsorship form for our annual Terry Fox Run.  As a school, we will be out running/walking the track this Thursday at 2:00 pm.  A goal has been set for the school, which we far surpassed last year and poor Mrs. Jackson had to kiss a pig.  This year, whatever Mrs. Jackson has agreed to, had Mrs. Shepperd looking to see if the company was available????  Shall be interesting. Sponsorship forms and money are due back no later than the Tuesday, October 10.

Starting today (Monday) food order forms will begin to be available
on-line.  My understanding is that they will not all be posted at once so keep checking back.  NO hard copy will be sent home this year.

Read-on books started being sent home last week.  PLEASE read out loud with your child each and every night.  When benchmarks are completed, as they have been, it is so easy to see which friends read over the summer, sometimes read, and didn't read a bit.  For my friends who didn't read a bit, they now have lots of work ahead of them to catch up to where they left off last year. 

Our first school mass happens this Wednesday, September 27th at
9:30 am in our school gym.  You are most welcome to attend.

Homework - I would expect that your child is reading out loud to you each and every night.  This is a great way to ensure that your child is reading like he/she speaks.  As well, never be afraid to ask your child questions about what they are reading to ensure that they understand what they read.  Practicing spelling words each night is also expected. Establishing your child's homework routine is so important this year as the junior division is just around the corner.  In the future, math will be added to the homework list but for now we are learning how to work with the textbook (something very new for your child).

If you have not done so, please sign up for our e-newsletters and e-blasts.  This is an easy way to stay in touch from school to home.

Wishing you a wonderful week.
Mrs. Clifford

September 18, 2017
Good morning everyone.  The start to this year sure has been an interesting one but with an increase in enrolment it sure has benefitted us.  We are now a straight grade 3 with 17 students!  

This week is an exciting one as many things are on the go:
*Monday - if you haven't already done so, please start having your child read each night to you and record their nightly reading in the reading log located in the front of your child's agenda.  It is my hope to send home appropriate reading material beginning this Wednesday.
*Wednesday - joke of the day begins (ask your child about the assignment)
*Thursday - School BBQ, Scholastic Book Fair and Classroom Open House. The school bbq begins at 4:30 pm and our classroom door will be opened from 5:30 - 6:00 pm.  I look forward to meeting you that night.
*Friday - Come to school dressed up as a cowboy/cowgirl (what a great idea for a theme day!).  Terry Fox kick off assembly.

Homework:  as we get settled, homework will be assigned.  Just like in our day, it is expected to be done that night (unless otherwise indicated) and returned the next day.  For this week, we have begun our spelling program.  Words will be given on Monday and spelling dictation (the good old fashion kind) happens on Friday.  This week we are looking at what makes a compound word.  Also assigned today, is the joke of the day.  Everyone will be participating and the assignment has been explained in class (another huge growth area this year is for your child to learn how to explain what his/her homework is and what is expected.  Of course major assignments will always be explained and an assignment sheet provided).

If you have not already done so, please send in ASAP your $5 for agendas, that wonderful package of papers with everything filled out and a box of kleenex for the classroom.  

As in the past, I am only a phone call or note away in your child's agenda.

Here is to a great year of laughter and learning.
Mrs. Clifford

September 11, 2017
WELL it sure was an interesting Friday and an even more interesting weekend for this teacher.  As I am quite sure, your child has told you that we moved on up.  We are now located on the second floor in Room 211.  Everything is ready for us to begin our day.

Last week, Scholastic Book orders were sent home.  IF you are interested in purchasing an item, please send EXACT cash or a cheque made payable to Scholastic Canada Ltd. by this Friday.

If you have not yet submitted your child's agenda, please do so by Friday.  In regards to agenda's, please ensure you are signing on a nightly basis as this is a great tool for communication between home and school.

Our Read On program has begun today.  This year the reading log is once again located at the front of your child's agenda - YES!!!  The reading program works like it did in the past but for our new friends here is how it works:
*every night (including weekends and holidays) you are asked to read 
*after you finish reading, please record the date, book title for only ONE book and have your parent sign 
*when you have reached 25 nights please show Mrs. Clifford so you can receive your reward
*rewards happen after 25, 50, 100, 150 and 200 nights
**for this week, please read books of your choice from home.  I will be benchmarking your child and it is my hope that by next Monday your child is bringing home books at their level.

This past week we focused on routines and rules in our classroom and on Thursday and Friday we practiced what these rules look like. Your child is well aware of what is expected in regards to rules (follow instructions/no talking out/hands and feet to themselves/no swearing or put downs) and that the following consequences will occur if a rule is broken:
1.  Warning
2.  Time Out
3.  A written note home from your child explaining why they are writing this letter
4.  A phone call to home/work/cell phone
5.  A visit to Mrs. Jackson's office

Looking forward to a wonderful week in our new home.
Mrs. Clifford

September 5, 2017

Welcome to our class website and welcome back to a brand new school year!

It is my plan to update our website every week and provide you with necessary information to keep the lines of communication open and make this a wonderful school year for your child.

A biggie for this year is end of day dismissal.  At 3:05 pm, bus students ONLY will be dismissed and make their way to their appropriate bus.  At 3:15 pm ALL other students will be dismissed.  YES, this means that students who are being picked up won't be dismissed until 3:15 pm this year.  If you pick up your child every evening, please wait by the green stained glass window thereby allowing the easy flow of our bus students to the busses.  

Bits and pieces to start us off:
1. Library date - keep your eye on the calendar as this has yet to be established.
2.  Food orders including milk - to begin in October so stay tuned.
3.  Teachers in your child's life - myself, Mr. Soares (gym, health, music) and Madame Hewitt (French and dance).
4.  School BBQ - Thursday, September 21st.  More details to follow.
5.  Scholastic Book Orders - I will be sending home book orders later this week.  You can either pay by cheque (made out to Scholastic Canada) or exact cash.  Due date is always written on the book orders.
6.  Agendas - this is a wonderful communication tool which will be coming home in the near future.
7.  Calendar - there is a calendar attached to our class website which I ask that you check each week as I add due dates and events as they arise.
8.  Blue and Yellow day is this Friday as a sign of school spirit.  Wear as much blue and yellow as possible.

Each day in our class we say the following prayers and I would ask that you practice them at home, along with how to make the sign of the cross and learning the words to O Canada.

Morning Announcements - Our Father or Hail Mary
First Nutrition - Johnny Appleseed
Second Nutrition - Grace Before Meals
End of Day - Guardian Angel

Looking forward to a wonderful year filled with laughter and learning.
Mrs. Clifford