Mrs. Clifford - Grade 3

September 17, 2018
Well my dear parents I apologize that nothing is posted here for this week.  I did the update on Saturday night, hit the publish button like always and.....frustrating!!!!

First and foremost, the shuffle did happen on Friday as anticipated and we have had to say goodbye to some friends while saying hello to some old friends.  We are now a straight grade 3 class with 20 students.

Today was a busy day in our classroom.  If you check your child's school bag you will find the agenda in a homework bag along with a school newsletter, a paper human, and a Read On book (my new students will have a read on book by Wednesday as I still need to read with them).  Agenda's cost $5.00 like in the past so sending in your money asap is greatly appreciated.  

Two pieces of homework have been assigned - joke of the day which is due this Thursday (two jokes have been suggested to be recorded on a piece of paper that can be shared with the class) and their paper human which is due next Monday (yes, they must cut out the human and make that human look like them.  Creativity is greatly welcomed!)

This Thursday from 5:00 - 6:30 pm we have our annual MLS BBQ.  Classrooms will be opened for 6:00 - 6:30 pm so that you can come and see where your child lives for 5 days of the week.  Food is available for purchase and the Scholastic Book Fair will be set up in the library.

Dates for your calendar:
Tuesday, Sept. 18 - Scholastic book orders due on-line if you desire
Wednesday, Sept. 19 - 9:30 am our first school mass.  You are most welcome to attend
Thursday, Sept. 20 - JOKE OF THE DAY due 
Thursday, Sept. 20 - MLS School BBQ from 5:00 - 6:30 pm
Friday, Sept. 21 - Terry Fox kicks off
Monday, Sept. 24 - HUMAN due
Thursday, Sept. 27 - Terry Fox run at our school
Friday, Sept. 28 - PA DAY

Academically, we will be: 
Math:  reviewing surveys and tally graphs, learning how to make pictographs, number patterns and number sense activities which shall continue this week
Language:  practicing our writing skills, reviewing how to write a recount and power writing selection, beginning our "Four Cats Came to School" stories.
Social Studies:  working on our Canada Unit
Religion: welcoming activities, practicing our prayers and sign of the cross

As always if you need, please write a note in the agenda or give a quick call to school.  Looking forward to meeting you this Thursday.
Mrs. Clifford

September 9, 2018
Welcome to the second week of school.  It has been an incredible start to our new school year but like indicated last week, are numbers are up so who knows what this week will bring.

Last week we focused on getting to know one another, reviewing our rules and classroom expectations and learning about our responsibilities as children and students.  

Academically, we have been:
Math:  reviewing graphing, number patterns and number sense activities which shall continue this week
Language:  practicing our writing skills, starting the Twits novel study which allows for all kinds of language activities (this week my goal is to have all children benchmarked so that readers can begin coming home next week)
Social Studies:  grade 3's have started a mini-Canada unit while our grade 4 students have been joining Mrs. DiFabio for social studies with Mr. T Marwick's class
Religion: welcoming activities and practicing our prayers and sign of the cross

On Friday, Scholastic Book orders were sent home.  IF you are interested in purchasing an item, the on-line parent ordering system that is easy to use, has been set-up on the Scholastic website.

Our school bbq has been set for Thursday, September 20th.  More information will be coming home from the office.

Our first parent council meeting will be held next Monday, September 17th at 5:30 pm in the library.  ALL parents are most welcome to come out and see what parent council is all about and might I add these are a wonderful group of parents that laugh lots and work hard for our school!!  Our parent council appreciates any help you can offer. - no long term commitment required.

This past week we focused on routines and rules in our classroom.  Your child is well aware of what is expected in regards to rules (follow instructions/no talking out/hands and feet to themselves/no swearing or put downs) and that the following consequences will occur if a rule is broken:

1.  Warning
2.  Time Out
3.  A written note home from your child explaining why they are writing this letter
4.  A phone call to home/work/cell phone
5.  A visit to the principal in the office

It is my hope that agendas are ready for distribution in the very near future so that our lines of communication can happen on a nightly basis and we can start recording our nightly reading in our reading log!

Looking forward to a wonderful week.
Mrs. Clifford

September 4, 2018

Welcome to our class website and welcome back to a brand new school year!

It is my plan to update our website every week and provide you with necessary information to keep the lines of communication open and make this a wonderful school year for your child.

A biggie for this year is end of day dismissal.  At 3:05 pm, bus students ONLY will be dismissed and make their way to their appropriate bus.  At 3:15 pm ALL other students will be dismissed.  YES, this means that students who are being picked up won't be dismissed until 3:15 pm this year.  If you pick up your child every evening, please wait by the green stained glass window thereby allowing the easy flow of our bus students to the busses.  

Bits and pieces to start us off:
1. Library date - keep your eye on the calendar as this has yet to be established.
2.  Food orders including milk - to begin in October so stay tuned.
3.  Teachers in your child's life - myself, Mr. Soares (gym, health, music) and Madame Hewitt (French and dance).
4.  School BBQ - Thursday, September 20th.  More details to follow.
5.  Scholastic Book Orders - I will be sending home book orders later this week.  Payment this year is all on-line and scholastic has a beautiful easy system of ordering established.  Due date is always written on the book orders.
6.  Agendas - this is a wonderful communication tool which will be coming home in the near future.
7.  Calendar - there is a calendar attached to our class website which I ask that you check each week as I add due dates and events as they arise.

Each day in our class we say the following prayers and I would ask that you practice them at home, along with how to make the sign of the cross and learning the words to O Canada.

Morning Announcements - Our Father or Hail Mary
First Nutrition - grace before meals
Second Nutrition - Grace Before Meals
End of Day - Guardian Angel

Looking forward to a wonderful year filled with lots of laughter and learning.
Mrs. Clifford