Mrs. Clifford - Grade 3

September 18, 2017
Good morning everyone.  The start to this year sure has been an interesting one but with an increase in enrolment it sure has benefitted us.  We are now a straight grade 3 with 17 students!  

This week is an exciting one as many things are on the go:
*Monday - if you haven't already done so, please start having your child read each night to you and record their nightly reading in the reading log located in the front of your child's agenda.  It is my hope to send home appropriate reading material beginning this Wednesday.
*Wednesday - joke of the day begins (ask your child about the assignment)
*Thursday - School BBQ, Scholastic Book Fair and Classroom Open House. The school bbq begins at 4:30 pm and our classroom door will be opened from 5:30 - 6:00 pm.  I look forward to meeting you that night.
*Friday - Come to school dressed up as a cowboy/cowgirl (what a great idea for a theme day!).  Terry Fox kick off assembly.

Homework:  as we get settled, homework will be assigned.  Just like in our day, it is expected to be done that night (unless otherwise indicated) and returned the next day.  For this week, we have begun our spelling program.  Words will be given on Monday and spelling dictation (the good old fashion kind) happens on Friday.  This week we are looking at what makes a compound word.  Also assigned today, is the joke of the day.  Everyone will be participating and the assignment has been explained in class (another huge growth area this year is for your child to learn how to explain what his/her homework is and what is expected.  Of course major assignments will always be explained and an assignment sheet provided).

If you have not already done so, please send in ASAP your $5 for agendas, that wonderful package of papers with everything filled out and a box of kleenex for the classroom.  

As in the past, I am only a phone call or note away in your child's agenda.

Here is to a great year of laughter and learning.
Mrs. Clifford

September 11, 2017
WELL it sure was an interesting Friday and an even more interesting weekend for this teacher.  As I am quite sure, your child has told you that we moved on up.  We are now located on the second floor in Room 211.  Everything is ready for us to begin our day.

Last week, Scholastic Book orders were sent home.  IF you are interested in purchasing an item, please send EXACT cash or a cheque made payable to Scholastic Canada Ltd. by this Friday.

If you have not yet submitted your child's agenda, please do so by Friday.  In regards to agenda's, please ensure you are signing on a nightly basis as this is a great tool for communication between home and school.

Our Read On program has begun today.  This year the reading log is once again located at the front of your child's agenda - YES!!!  The reading program works like it did in the past but for our new friends here is how it works:
*every night (including weekends and holidays) you are asked to read 
*after you finish reading, please record the date, book title for only ONE book and have your parent sign 
*when you have reached 25 nights please show Mrs. Clifford so you can receive your reward
*rewards happen after 25, 50, 100, 150 and 200 nights
**for this week, please read books of your choice from home.  I will be benchmarking your child and it is my hope that by next Monday your child is bringing home books at their level.

This past week we focused on routines and rules in our classroom and on Thursday and Friday we practiced what these rules look like. Your child is well aware of what is expected in regards to rules (follow instructions/no talking out/hands and feet to themselves/no swearing or put downs) and that the following consequences will occur if a rule is broken:
1.  Warning
2.  Time Out
3.  A written note home from your child explaining why they are writing this letter
4.  A phone call to home/work/cell phone
5.  A visit to Mrs. Jackson's office

Looking forward to a wonderful week in our new home.
Mrs. Clifford

September 5, 2017

Welcome to our class website and welcome back to a brand new school year!

It is my plan to update our website every week and provide you with necessary information to keep the lines of communication open and make this a wonderful school year for your child.

A biggie for this year is end of day dismissal.  At 3:05 pm, bus students ONLY will be dismissed and make their way to their appropriate bus.  At 3:15 pm ALL other students will be dismissed.  YES, this means that students who are being picked up won't be dismissed until 3:15 pm this year.  If you pick up your child every evening, please wait by the green stained glass window thereby allowing the easy flow of our bus students to the busses.  

Bits and pieces to start us off:
1. Library date - keep your eye on the calendar as this has yet to be established.
2.  Food orders including milk - to begin in October so stay tuned.
3.  Teachers in your child's life - myself, Mr. Soares (gym, health, music) and Madame Hewitt (French and dance).
4.  School BBQ - Thursday, September 21st.  More details to follow.
5.  Scholastic Book Orders - I will be sending home book orders later this week.  You can either pay by cheque (made out to Scholastic Canada) or exact cash.  Due date is always written on the book orders.
6.  Agendas - this is a wonderful communication tool which will be coming home in the near future.
7.  Calendar - there is a calendar attached to our class website which I ask that you check each week as I add due dates and events as they arise.
8.  Blue and Yellow day is this Friday as a sign of school spirit.  Wear as much blue and yellow as possible.

Each day in our class we say the following prayers and I would ask that you practice them at home, along with how to make the sign of the cross and learning the words to O Canada.

Morning Announcements - Our Father or Hail Mary
First Nutrition - Johnny Appleseed
Second Nutrition - Grace Before Meals
End of Day - Guardian Angel

Looking forward to a wonderful year filled with laughter and learning.
Mrs. Clifford