Mrs. Shepperd
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October 19th
Everyone look handsome and beautiful for pictures this week, I can't wait to get the proofs in! We have our trip next week and it sounds like it will be fun!  The weather has taken a turn and it's getting colder, the playground seems to be always colder then at home, the open field invites the winds so please make sure that your child has a hat and mittens!!
We have been working on creating our own story during our language block and they will put up on our classroom WOW Work board to share during Parent-Teacher Conferences!  The big focus continues to be spelling common sight words correctly (the, and, is, what, when, was, saw), capitals at the beginning of sentences and punctuation at the end.  During our math block we have been decomposing numbers into their 10's and ones values (68=6tens+8ones).  I encourage parents to take time to practice counting from 0 to 20 properly, forming numbers correctly and to practice spelling number words from zero to twenty (Grade 2) and zero to the hundreds (zero to nine hundred ninety nine, for Grade 3).
Social Studies continues to move along and you may get questions from your child about traditions and celebrations that your family keep, how they have changed over the years and how our community participates in different celebrations and traditions.  The Grade 3's are working on learning about the life of pioneers and how a pioneer settlement was organized.
Religion discussions have been focused on the Story of Creation and the Ten Commandments. 

Spelling Words for next week
BLUE GROUP: Short O: not, off, clock, long, lost
RED GROUP:  AP family: nap, wag, cap, rag, map
SIGHT WORDS: that, she

October 23 Trip to OPP Headquarters
October 26 PA Day

October 12

Today in class we completed a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) challenge.  The children started this challenge last Friday and wrapped up today.  They had to use the supplies given to them by Mrs. Shepperd to build a turkey transporter which would send their turkey down a zip line safely and quickly.  The planning and effort put in was amazing, as was the language being used.  We did learn that weight is important when trying to make something zip line quickly!
Next week, on Tuesday October 16, it is picture day!  I can't wait to see everyone dressed up in their best!
Terry Fox fundraising was amazing, the contributions from this community surpass my expectations every year.  I don't have the total amount raised yet but I do know that we raised over $1500 and that Mrs. Hamilton will have a new hair colour soon!
We will be going to the OPP Headquarters on October 23 for a canine presentation.  I must submit everyones name for screening, kids and adults, before we go.  If you have not sent back the permission form yet please send it back quickly as I need to get the names in.

Sub order forms came home today, just a small slip of paper! They are due back by Tuesday with $4 if you would like to order for lunch on Wednesday.

Upcoming Dates:
October 16th -Picture Day
October 23rd -OPP Headquarters Trip
October 26th -PA day
November 12-15 Safety Village

Spelling Words for next week:

Red Group:
an words: fan, van, pan, can, tan

Blue Group:
short i words: children, will, into, little, quit

Sight Words: said, you


October 5
I hope you all have a fantastic long weekend!  We have a little patterning test on Tuesday so I thought I would post some math anchor charts that we have been using in class.  One is sideways and try as I might it would not cooperate, so sideways it will be!
Our next math unit is all about number relationships, so looking at numbers to 100 or 1000, counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, 25s, 50, fact families and place value.
On Tuesday we will be writing about what we are thankful for so hopefully the students can reflect a bit on that over the weekend!

Spelling Words for next week:

Blue Group:
SHORT E: best, tell, went, then, them

Red Group:
AD Family: sad, dad, mad, pad, rad

Sight Words: of, and

describepattern rulesPattern FamiliesOctober 1, 2018

I can't believe that we are into October already!  Amazing! We are starting our spelling program this week so your child will come home with spelling words in the agenda.  I have set up an activity page on Spelling City if they want to practice their spelling words at home:

Terry Fox was a huge success on Thursday, thank you for your support.  I feel that we will make our goal of $1500 so Mrs. Hamilton better start thinking about what colour she would like her hair to be!

Just a quick reminder that we do have a shellfish allergy in our classroom so if you could be mindful of that when making lunches we would appreciate your cooperation!

Also, Monday October 8th is Thanksgiving weekend!  Have a great long weekend.

September 24, 2018
It is officially fall and Mother Nature has let us know.  Your child might want to start dressing in layers as they will be cool in the morning but they may be warm by the afternoon!!  A change of clothes in case they fall in a puddle may also be a wise choice!
I am hoping to have the READ ON program up and running by next week, I am currently reading individually with each student, so it takes me some time to get through the whole class.  Once reading groups get organized I can start to send books home.  If you haven't started yet please begin to fill out the READ ON reading log at the front of the agenda, read and sign it once daily as we have incentives for reaching 25, 50, 100, 150 and 200 signatures.  
Spelling words will also start coming home next week.  Students will be put into spelling groups based on their skill development.  It looks like some friends will be working on beginning and end sounds and word family groups while another group will be working on long and short vowel sounds.  I am going to start with 7 words a week, 5 based on the skill we are working on and 2 sight words.
Important consent and health forms went home on Friday, please get them back to us as soon as possible.  
Food orders haven't started yet but I will let you know when they do.
Our Terry Fox run will happen this Thursday September 27th.  We are looking to raise $1500, if you have not received a pledge form yet it is because we ran out and I am waiting for the Terry Fox Organization to send us some more.  If you would like to donate online go to and click on the donate to school tab. 

Important Dates:
Thursday September 27th -Terry Fox Run/walk @ 2pm
Friday September 28th -PA Day
Monday October 8th Thanksgiving


Welcome Back!!
We are officially a grade 2/3 class!  I have started to read individually with the students so I am hoping that readers will be coming home next week, fingers crossed!  We have started with a recount writing unit and will be working on patterns during our math time.  
Next week, on Thursday September 27th we will be leading the Terry Fox Liturgy at 2pm in the school gym, before heading out to the track to participate in our annual run/walk for Terry.  Our fundraising goal for this year is $1500.  
If you haven't sent in money for the agenda they are $5 and we would love to get all the money collected by Friday.
Thursday September 20th is our Monsignor Lee Open House, BBQ and Book Fair.  Classrooms will be open from 6-6:30pm
Important Dates:
September 19 School Mass 9:30am
September 20th Monsignor Lee Family BBQ
September 27th Terry Fox Run
September 28th PA Day