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Pick up/Drop off at MLE
Published on Sep 8, 2016 20:48

Morning delivery and afternoon pick up at Monsignor Lee is a very busy time.  In order for our procedures to work effectively in a very limited driving space, we ask that parents that are dropping students at the kiss and ride, move slowly and cautiously towards the circle turn around.  Students should be ready to hop out with their bags so that the next vehicle can move up.  Walkers are asked to use the walk ways and cross Fittons with our Crossing Guard who is present from 8-8:50am and 3:15-4pm.

Many thanks to parents, guardians and siblings who are waiting after school at the green chapel window to pick up their students.  Today there was less confusion for our little ones when boarding their bus.  Our concern is always delivering your children to you safely.  

Finally, our updated Dress Code states that shorts and skirts must reach mid thigh in length.  
Please review this change.

Have a great night and remember, tomorrow is Blue and Yellow day!